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  So, there's a method to their madness...
Posted on Tuesday, March 11 @ 15:06:08 EST by knuxfive

Toonami News Possibly the most underadvertised special in the history of Toonami...

The guys down at Williams Street have kicked off a surprise... special... for the pink blob named Buu. For the past two seasons, Buu has been a major threat to the Z Warriors. He's nearly killed everyone on the planet, and if previews are right, he blows up Earth. With the final normal episode from last season airing Monday, WS is cranking out four Best of Buu episodes starting today with a new intro. See Buu's transition from a possibly mentally-disabled fat guy into a psychotic killing child.

The Final Fifteen of DBZ start Monday, March 17th at 5:30. This is the end, beautiful friend...

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