Date: Wednesday, June 11 @ 14:39:05 EDT
Topic: Acquisition Info

So, it's new comic book day... dangit... I forgot to do a comic book list, didn't I? Argh...

Anyways, there's a new Toyfare out today. Zeta Gundam on one cover, He-Man on the other. In the Zeta article...

"With Zeta Gundam set to debut on the Cartoon Network in September, it's no suprise that the metallic titans are arriving in toy form."

Figures are coming. Toyfare says it's coming to CN. Who knows where, but now here's more confirmation- they're not gonna do a toy line on something that's not gonna show up.
Edit by Tyler:Actually, it will be airing on both Toonami and Adult Swim, much like the Toonami/Uncut airings of Gundam Wing in 2001.

Source: Toyfare- The Toy Magazine from Wizard Universe

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