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  ''That's it for Shaman King, Detective Conan is next... only Toonami''
Posted on Tuesday, July 29 @ 11:28:06 EDT by KnuxFive

Acquisition Info Yeah, well...

It ain't our Toonami. Spain seems to be on the right track, as they're gaining Transformers Armada and X-Men: Evolution for their new afternoon Toonami block, while those two shows join Detective Conan, Batman Beyond, and Shaman King on a Super Saturdays-esque block, "Toonami XXL".

America, look at Spain. Some shows that have been on Toonami, some that are rumored for it... along with a weekend block. Rename SVES to Toonami XXL... and it's all good.

Source: C21 Media

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Re: ''That's it for Shaman King, Detective Conan is next... only Toonami'' (Score: 1)
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