Top Toonami Ratings - August 2003
Date: Saturday, October 11 @ 02:39:28 EDT
Topic: Ratings

The Top 108 Cartoon Network Telecasts for August are out and 2 out of the 4 Toonami shows made it on the list. "Justice League" had its highest single episode rating yet while "Dragonball Z" returned to the list. Overall it was a good month for CN, the lowest # in the Top 108 was an 2.0.

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Remember, with 31 days in August, 24 hours in a day and considering that most CN telecasts are 1/2 an hour long, there were possibly over 1,300 telecasts in the month. Thus, the list only covers shows that placed in about the Top 10% or so. A show could fail to make this list and still have good, great or even excellent ratings.

Here are the Toonami shows that made the list:

#51: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 7/30/03 - Wed - 5.0P-5.5P - 2.1
#56: DRAGON BALL Z - 8/28/03 - Thu - 5.5P-6.0P - 2.0

There were approximately 80 Toonami telecasts in the month of August and thus about 2.5% of those made Cartoon Network's Top 10% list. It was a down month for the block, when compared to the overall network, for this ratings indicator, but it should be noted that these ratings take into account everybody watching Cartoon Network. With regards to Toonami, CN is for the most part only interested in the 9-14, 6-11 and 6-17 ratings (although other viewers are certainly nice to have as well).

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that I believe this is the highest Cartoon Network's ratings have been since they started making these monthly lists available. The lowest number provided was a 2.0, while in the past the highest has sometimes been a 1.8. Thus, several Toonami shows could have easily placed in the high 1.X's and still had great ratings.

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