Wing Gundam! It's Showtime!
Date: Friday, June 20 @ 23:31:36 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Banpresto will be releasing Super Robot Taisen D for the GBA in Japan on August 8th.

Why do I bring this up? Toonami classic Big O is in the game, along with some Wing and Mobile Suit Gundams. And... the GBA is region-free. This is importable. But, I'm sure there's a huge language barrier. Magic Box has pictures.

Somebody could adapt this for America. Get past the legalities, have mecha that have shown up here. The Big O versus The Iron Giant, Shining Gundam versus The Powerpuff Dy.Na.Mo., Optimus Prime versus the Dino Megazord. Mmm... Power Rangery...

Source: The Magic Box

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