Well, it's no longer ''Young Batman''...
Date: Monday, June 09 @ 22:51:50 EDT
Topic: Acquisition Info

Geeze, right on the heels of Transformers: Energon...

Earlier we mentioned a new series, Young Batman, in the works. Knowing little about it, we assumed that it would just end up on Toonami one day. Now we have more definate facts.

Batman Wired is the name of the new series. It still has some of the Static Shockers behind it. Bruce Wayne dons a high-tech suit of armor in this series. It wouldn't be the first, as the Beyond suit was heavily wired to increase strength and the like. No idea when there series is set, or if it's even set in the established animated DCU.

There's many ways this show could go. Kids' WB, SVES, or even remotely Toonami. Chances are wherever it premeired, it would end up on Toonami one day.

Source: Toon Zone, as I can't get AICN up...

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