Wanna watch G Gundam on Gameboy Advance or GBPlayer?
Date: Tuesday, February 04 @ 14:48:29 EST
Topic: Release Info

Two stories here...

Toshiba of Japan has announced that they will release a Gameboy Advance Animation Reader for the titular system, produced by a new subsidiary, am3. The Reader will use 32MB Smart Media cards, which can roughly hold 24 minutes of animation (essentially one episode). They have made deals with Bandai and other animation suppliers. We might be able to watch a little Gundam on the GBA or...

The GBPlayer, Nintendo's "Super Gameboy" peripheral for the Gamecube, is only coming in Jet Black in America. Just a little note, as you can play the DBZ games on it... in widescreen glory.

Sources: Xen Gamers and Planet Gamecube

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