Proof that Toonami shows the best of Animation...
Date: Thursday, March 06 @ 14:09:24 EST
Topic: Etc.

The Online Film Critics Society has released their list of top 100 animated films. Naturally, Toonami had to have some contenders...

5. The Iron Giant
- Not much to say... after it's 24 hour marathon, it was the final Lightspeed Movie.

61. The Transformers: The Movie
- Featuring the voice talents of "the big guy", who makes everything sound cool, plus... heck, it's current incarnation is on Toonami.

62. Batman- Mask of the Phantasm
- Considered the best Batman film by many...

86. The Powerpuff Girls Movie
- Heavily promoted on Toonami... plus, PPG is a classic Toonami show.

Source: Toon Zone, as I can't find the Online Film Critics Society site.

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