Nothing is ever set in stone... or Gundanium...
Date: Monday, April 21 @ 15:33:37 EDT
Topic: Etc.

I figured I would take this chance to remind you all of something.

Schedules are never set in stone. While it was looking like we would get the return of Zoids: Chaotic Century next week, things have changed for a Dragonball Z Season 6 reairing. Cartoon Network's fickle like that. And while Z:CC might still be listed for a later date, that might be due to the fact they have not updated their schedules yet. As I do the schedules, you'd be surprised by how many changes I have to make just for Saturday and Sunday every week.

Naturally, this stuff applies to other misfires, like Silverhawks on Toonami: Midnight Run, the return of the Midnight Run (Which turned out to be SVES), and Mobile Suit Gundam's CN reairing in a THIRD block.

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