The Future of He-Man is still up in the air.
Date: Sunday, February 22 @ 13:43:04 EST
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There are a lot of sites reporting that Masters of the Universe has ended.
This is not true. Many of these sites talked with sales reps on the Toy Fair floor who are not privy to the behind-the-scenes workings of Mattel. This is usually the way of large companies. We point to Mattel Customer Service as an example of this, who swore to almost everyone who called that Masters would be at Toy Fair. has recently had some contact with the decision makers at Mattel. And while they cannot offer any news yet on the future of the line, it is evident that they are very aware of MOTU's popularity and have also seen the petition. Mattel is still discussing what can be done, as Masters continues to sell well internationally and has a large US collector's fan base.

Don't let these reports sway your opinion of the new line, and don't let them discourage your support. has had its finger near the pulse of this line since it was launched, and we wouldn't steer you wrong. So please continue to show your support, please continue to call and e-mail Mattel to let them know you still want MOTU, and spread the word about the petition!

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