Bat-Suit up for the First Time... Eventually Toonami.
Date: Wednesday, June 04 @ 22:38:28 EDT
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You know a few years down the road, this will be... Only Toonami.

Warner Brothers is making a new Batman animated series. Based on his earlier years, think of it as a animated Year One story... probably not as gritty, hopefully fitting in the established continuity... Naturally, Bruce Wayne will be the star (Could Kevin Conroy pull a younger Bruce off?) and chances are that Alfred will be the main father figure, but who knows.. it's going to be done by the Static Shock crew.

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Well, here's my take on the animated DCU timeline...

Early '90s- Batman: The Animated Series
Late '90s/Early 2K- Superman: The Animated Series/The New Adventures of Batman/ Static Shock
Mid 2K- Justice League/Teen Titans
2039 on- Batman Beyond/The Zeta Project

There are many ways this project could go... they could forget the current world and do a "Bruce Wayne in high school, 2003" thing, or a "Bruce travels the world training, ala The Mummy, 2003". They could stay in the continuity and actually date Bruce to being a kid in the early '70s, but that seems unlikely. While it might jump to mind, seeing an animated take on Year One just seems unlikely, especially if it will air on Kids' WB.

Don't worry, it will eventually be Toonami.

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