Toonami Related DVDs for April 15th
Date: Monday, April 14 @ 19:49:46 EDT
Topic: Schedules

DVDs. Those little, wonderfully shiny discs that preserve our favorite shows. The only way to see some series. Toonami's got a bunch of them out there.

This week brings us the beginning... or actually, the middle of Dragonball GT. FUNimation will be releasing the more marketable episodes earlier, with the first saga coming later. This makes economic sense, as kids will think that's all there is (With the recap episode and all), and therefore be hooked with these episodes, only to discover the first Saga later (What, the "Universal Search Saga"?). Plus, kids (and I alike) don't give a darn about Dan Dan, so... face it. These releases aren't for the "true" (I use that term loosely) fans, these are for the... well... people who would buy these episodes. This is also not proof that GT will air out of order on Toonami...

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Dragonball GT
Volume 1, Baby: Affliction, $24.95

Dragonball GT
Volume 2, Baby: Incubation, $24.95

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