I want to live in Metropolis... or Smallville... mmm, Lana...
Date: Monday, June 16 @ 11:53:11 EDT
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"Faster than a launching rocket. More powerful than an atomic bomb. Able to leap between worlds with a single bound." "... is that a bird, or--? ...looks like a jet... Thank God! It's Superman!"

That's the classic line, as reinvented in Superman: The 10 Cent Adventure. The Man of Steel, as we all know, grew up in Smallville and moved to Metropolis. The real-world Metropolis, Illinois, just celebrated their 25th annual Superman Celebration. People naturally dressed up as the Man of Steel, and Lois Lane from the '50s show and Superman from the '60s Broadway show were there to sign autographs and answer questions.

Man, I woulda loved to gone there. Naturally, Superman has been on Toonami on countless occasions. He showed up in a few Batman: TAS episodes, his own animated series, is a regular in Justice League, and even showed up in two Batman Beyond episodes, along with The Worlds' Finest movie and winning the Batman/Superman vote.

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