December 30th Zoids returns to Toonami, Chaotic Century style
Date: Tuesday, December 03 @ 14:24:08 EST

The schedule that was supposed to go into effect on Toonami in early November (before another hour of Dragonball and Dragonball Z was added) will finally hit the airwaves December 30th. Zoids: Chaotic Century will replace yesterday's Dragonball and G Gundam will replace yesterday's Dragonball Z. Also, one more detail has been revealed about the new Toonami Saturday block starting in January. The Zoids episodes on that block will be from the New Century/Zero season (referred to on Cartoon Network as simply, Zoids). Click "Read More" for the schedule starting December 30th.

Source: Cartoon Network Schedule

Toonami Weekdays Starting December 30th (All Times Eastern)

4.0 PM Zoids: Chaotic Century
4.5 PM G Gundam
5.0 PM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
5.5 PM Transformers Armada
6.0 PM Dragonball - Season 3
6.5 PM Dragonball Z - Season 6

Toonami Midnight Run

12.0 PM G Gundam
12.5 PM G.I. Joe

Note: The Midnight Run will be replaced by Adult Swim in mid-January.

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