For dessert, may I recommend the ass whooping?
Date: Monday, April 05 @ 12:22:06 EDT
Topic: Etc.

It really is quite tasty. JJc14 has finished compiling the lists, crunching the numbers and and the crowd has cleared a path. Parts 3 and 4 are now online. Enjoy that which is TI - The Infolink Recommends.

[M-R] and [S-Z]

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Credits/Thanks from JJc14

I'm not really good at this, because I'm always afraid I'll end up overlooking something major, but there's no way I can take all this praise that's been aimed in my direction over the past week or so without mentioning those who helped out.

First off, I'd like to specially thank each person that submitted comments. This was a community project, and as such, could never have gotten off the ground if not for those who contributed. It was great to have such a mix of writing styles from the different sources, which I believe definitely helped to give the overall feature a distinct "rub" from the Infolink message board, preventing one person's views from being dominant and making the whole thing come off as unique. In no particular order:

- Tempest
- Green-Bird
- Spookmonkey/Androspook/Andromaton
- TheWorldWeKnow
- AdmiralGreer
- Zechs
- Force-Attuned_Krogoth
- John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo
- Nobuyuki

I'd also like to thank those who helped with the organization and presentation of the finished product for their contributions and assistance outside of what I asked for:

- dougisfunny
- Androspook/Andromaton
- Nobuyuki
- TylerL
- FinalDivineDragoon
- Force-Attuned_Krogoth

Of course, I gotta thank TylerL and Zogg for housing this thing and allowing for the level of freedom I get around here, especially when it seems I'm bugging Tyler about something on a monthly basis as of late...

Finally, a very special thanks to all who have shown interest at any part of this project. If anyone actually gets any use out of this thing, then I'm more than happy to have organized it.

now enough of this sentimental stuff...i need a vacation...

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