Toonami Related Comics for January 15th
Date: Tuesday, January 14 @ 17:08:15 EST
Topic: Release Info

From Dragonball and Transformers to Masters of the Universe and Battle of the Planets, Toonami-related comics have kinda hit a revival.

This week brings us the standard DCU fare, a Chemical X-infused comic, and those fighting to save their worlds from Cobra Commander, Skeletor, and... uhh... whoever the Battle of the Planets Villain was.

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Source: The priceless (yet price-filled) Diamond Comics.

Action Comics
Issue #799, $2.25

Azrael: Agent of the Bat
Issue #98, $2.95

Issue #36, $2.50

Batman: Gotham Knights
Issue #37, $2.75

Green Lantern
Issue #158, $2.25

JLA: The Golden Perfect
Trade Paperback, $12.95

Issue #77, $2.25

The Powerpuff Girls
Issue #34, $2.25

Battle of the Planets
Issue #6, $2.99

GI Joe: Frontline
Issue #3, $2.95

Masters of the Universe
Two Covers, Issue #2, $2.95

The Big O
Trade Paperback? #3, $10.99

The Big O
Trade Paperback? #4, $10.99

The Big O
Part 3, Issue #3 of 4, $3.50

Gundam A Anthology Manga
January 2003, $12.99

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