The Justice League's Little Sidekick Team gets a Trailer
Date: Friday, June 06 @ 21:10:39 EDT
Topic: Etc.

Not in the "Mobile Game Unit" way, but in the "commercial" kinda way.

Teen Titans, the junior Justice League with Robin (Tim Drake), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and... uhh... the goth girl... Raven, that's it (Thanks Vincent!), will be premiering on Cartoon Network's Saturday Video Entertainment System, but with CN's track record of the DC universe, chances are pretty good that it will show up on Toonami. CN could do a special week-long showing of the first five episodes or something. Now, if SVES was Super Saturdays, Toonami could have the first premiere of a DC show...

Dangit, I was rambling. Sorry. The trailer can be seen at Cartoon Network's Teen Titans site.

Source: Well, Vincent helped out, so Titans Tower

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