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  Toonami in March- This is our birthday present?
Posted on Tuesday, February 04 @ 15:57:38 EST by KnuxFive

Toonami News Ah.... February. The introduction of .hack//SIGN and Giant Robot Week. Also, the end of three hour Toonami.

Coming in March, Toonami goes BACK to the two hour style, with a "new" show and new episodes. (It's still listed with the Adult Swim rating), who knows.

Click "Read More" to do that.

Source: Matt Wilson of the Toon Zone boards for the heads up, and Cartoon Network for my own personal sluething

Starting March 3rd (Unless Johnny Bravo is now a Toonami show and PPG returns) Toonami will air from 5-7 on weekdays. The schedule is...

5.0- Transformers Armada
5.5- G Gundam
6.0- Yu Yu Hakusho
6.5- Dragonball Z

Assuming the Saturday Night block is officially Toonami, Super Saturdays as we know it are gone, replaced by...

7.0- Max Steel
7.5- Dragonball
8.0- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
8.5- Zoids (New Century/Zero)
9.0- Transformers Armada
9.5- G Gundam
10.0- Justice League
10.5- Justice League
11.0- Batman Beyond
11.5- Superman
12.0- .hack//SIGN
12.5- Gundam 0080
Unsure 1.0- GI Joe?
Unsure 1.5- Superfriends?

On March 1st, TFA and MOTU begin new episodes. .hack//SIGN will still continue new episodes. On March 17th, the final season of DBZ kicks off.

So, shall we break it down?
- Loss of one hour of daily Toonami
+ New episodes of Transformers Armada, He-Man, and Dragonball Z + New to Toonami shows Justice League, Max Steel, Yu Yu Hakusho
- Zoids: Chaotic Century will not finish another run
+ Return of Toonami shows Superman, Zoids: New Century/Zero, Gundam 0080, and possibly GI Joe and Superfriends
+/- Two of these shows had runs on Adult Swim, which will anger somebody out there (Althought Gundam 0080 premiered on Toonami...)

COMMENTARY- Ehh... I could go without Zoids:CC and Dragonball for a while...

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