One Piece Launches May 18th
Date: Friday, April 12 @ 20:51:06 EDT
Topic: Schedules

FUNimation has announced that One Piece will premiere on Toonami May 18th at 1:00am ET, beginning with episode 207 ("Great Adventure At Long Ring Long Land!"). Soul Eater will then move to its new time slot of 1:30am ET.


:add: the Toonami folks chime in!
"After talking to lots and lots of fans and a lot of internal discussion, we’ve decided to start at episode 207 with the “Ling Ring Long Land” arc (or “Davy Fight Back” arc as it’s also known). We know we’re skipping ahead a bunch, but we think this is a great place to start- plus, it’ll be in HD! For those of you who are worried you won’t be able to jump in to the story, don’t worry! Go to now and you can watch ALL of the older episodes, plus there are a bunch of cool little video “catch up” pieces for folks who just want the overview. In addition, our friends at Funimation are working on some “orientation/catch up” pieces we’ll be putting on Toonami."

the Tumblr also brings us the revised schedule:

12:00 – Bleach

12:30 – (Uncut) Naruto

01:00 – One Piece

01:30 – Soul Eater

02:00 – IGPX

02:30 – Eureka

03:00 – Thundercats

03:30 – Symbionic Titan

04:00 – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

04:30 – Cowboy Bebop

05:00 – Inuyasha

05:30 – Inuyasha

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