Now There's a Reason to Rumble... For a Box Set...
Date: Tuesday, June 17 @ 19:49:48 EDT
Topic: Release Info

Zoids fans are always acting hurt... Their show never got a full run, blah blah blah... They're getting THIS box set!

The Zoids Core Box will be released on October 24 in Japan. It will include...

- A reproduction of 1983's Zoid Mammoth
- Reprints of the Zoids Battle Stories
- "Prozen's Rebellion" Battle Story
- Three pins of the Helic Republic, Guylos Empire, and Zenebas Empir
- A "Zoids Bible"
- A special DVD of called "Zoids Perfect Visual Clips"
- Liner notes

Limited to 10,000 peices, they will retail for $125, but expect to see 'em on eBay for more.

Source: Toon Zone

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