Toonami Schedule Change for Fridays
Date: Friday, October 03 @ 01:50:55 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Not only is Toonami getting a new schedule for Fridays, but today Toonami is also repeat free. For the next five weeks the schedule will include SD Gundam, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transfomers Armada and Hot Wheels Highway 35. The He-Man, Transformers and Hot Wheels episodes are all making their Toonami debut and starting next week Friday the Transformers episodes will be world premieres. For more information on the schedule, click "Read More"

Toonami Schedule - Fridays

All Times Eastern

5.0 PM - SD Gundam - World Premiere this week, then repeats.
5.5 PM - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Toonami Premieres
6.0 PM - Transformers Armada - Toonami Premieres, then World Premieres starting next week.
6.5 PM - Hot Wheels World Race - Toonami Premiere

This schedule is currently slated to continue for five weeks. After that current data shows American Television Premiere episodes of Dragonball GT taking over for Hot Wheels Highway 35.

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