A final goodbye.
Date: Sunday, November 16 @ 02:30:40 EST
Topic: TOM Dead

I've been away for so long that I missed the end. I feel the need to say a few things, no it's not news, it's thanks.

I realized tonight that I've been watching Toonami for nearly 10 years. 10 wonderful years. The block not only reintroduced me to shows I had long forgotten but also brought new ones to my eyes. It showed me that not all anime is garbage (though most still is :p). But most importantly it brought about TDA and it's forums and later, TDI. I remember religiously checking it wanting to keep abreast with all its denizens. From this simple block of cartoons we all were brought together and became friends.

It's these friends who've come and gone, brought drama and humor to the moments of our lives when we were all together, that I want to thank. I will not name any names, for I know I will leave somebody out who I should not but you all know who you are. I do and will treasure the time we've all invested here over the years.

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Daikun, you're still an idiot :D

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