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Date: Wednesday, February 28 @ 01:40:24 EST
Topic: Soapbox

Hello once again from everyones favorite news monkey Andromaton. It's the time of the year (or two) again.  It's time for you gentle readers to bare your teeth and give us your opinion! We're looking to hear from you what your opinion is of new animated shows new and old, japanese, american or south nigerian, 2d or 3d. We want it all. As a matter of fact we wouldn't mind some video game reviews as well, alot of shows and game have come out in the past couple years.

So shout from our rooftops that everyone should buy your favorite show or game! Shout if you found the worst of the worst. Shout if you want to get that stain out. It's not hard and doesn't have to take much time, I know you all have opinions, use them.

If you don't I calls you a sissy. That's right, a sissy.

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