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Comic-Con International aka San Diego Comic-Con

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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject: Comic-Con International aka San Diego Comic-Con
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July 17th-20th (with a "preview" night on the 16th for all who preregistered) With preview night that is 5 days of convention wonderlandness. Most are lucky to last through a weekend

Who's going? We all know I am. Who's going to make the trek to the biggest and best convention of its kind in the world?

Got through the list I'll make in the next post, see if a pro is coming you'd like to meet.

Perhaps you like anime? Well in two LARGE auditoriums they will be airing anime from 10am-12am on thursday, 10am-1am of friday, 10am-2am on saturday and 10am-5.5pm on sunday. That's alot of anime. You WILL see stuff you have neer seen before.

Perhaps you enjoy films. Last year they aired Spider-Man and Lord of the Rings before they were released onto video. Along with some big hollywood showings they also have indepentant film festivals such as Spike and Mikes Sick and Twisted Festival and others. They showed Shaolin soccer last year too, king fu is a big hit there.

Perhaps you like gaming? They have a set of rooms set up for just about every type of gaming known to man. Playstation had a booth last year lined with ps2s and each filled with a beta copy of some sort of game.

In the past I have seen many thigs there. I saw the world premiere of Terminator 3 (the trailer), I saw James Cameran announce he was going to go Battel Angel Alita or whatever its called, I saw the series finale of superman months before if aired on television, the the premiere of Beast Machines and Futurama.

Companies love to announce upstairs at the comic-con. You might like to be there for one or two of them.

Ohyeah, and tons of free shit.
"Veni. Vedi. Spooki." - Julius Caesar
I came. I saw. I spooked.

He's better than Pop-Rocks!

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PostSun Jul 06, 2003 1:48 pm
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Joined: Nov 07, 2002
Post subject:
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This is the list of professionals who will be attending Comic-Con International 2003. Find a few you want to meet... I said find them! *shakes his fist*

Deborah Abbott, Wes Abbott, J.D. Abel, Dusty Abell, Joe Abello, Ted Abenheim, Joe Abraham, Jonathan M. Abrams, Penny Abshire, Karen Achenbach, Shane Acker, Albert Acosta, Enrique Acosta, Robert Acosta, Makiko Adachi, Arthur Adams, Chris Adams, Dana Adams, Joel Adams, Ronnie Adams, Ted Adams, Terry Adams, Sam Ades, Charlie Adlard, Attila Adorjany, Jared Africa, Vicky Aguero, Edwin Aguilar, Joseph Jojo Aguilar, Steve Aguilar, Steve Ahlquist, Janine Ahola, Keith Aiken, Simone Airoldi, Kelly Akins, Arturo Alamilla, Lori Alan, Jeremy Albert, Olivier Albin, James R. Alburger, Carlos Fernando Alejandrez, Haven Alexander, Jason Alexander, Jed Alexander, Jeff Alexander, Jim Alexander, Rob Alexander, Bill Alger, Muntasir Ali, Joe Allard, David E. Allen, Jeffrey Allen, Paul Allen, John Allison, Victor Almaguer, Axel Alonso, Marlo Alquiza, James Alsup, Daniel Alter, Kevin Altieri, Mark A. Altman, Henry Alvarez, Robert Alvarez, Jack Alvino, Christian Alzmann, Joe Amaro, Joe Amaro, Scott Ambruson, Alexa Amin, Mike Amron, Lou Anders, Brad Anderson, Brent Anderson, Don Anderson, Geoffrey Anderson, Helen Anderson, Henry F. Anderson, Ken Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Mike B. Anderson, Phil Anderson, Roger Anderson, Jennifer Ando, Carlos Andre S.M. Forastieri, Marie Andreas, Richard Andreoli, Bryan Andrews, Kaare Andrews, Mark Andrews, Michael Andrews, Marc Andreyko, Thom Ang, Jeff Anglea, Rayfield Angrum, Victoria Anisova, Aaron Antaloczy, Frank I. Antonides, Herb Apon, Margo Apostolos, Brian Apthorp, Ari Arad, Ivy Arafiles, Steve Aranguran, Adam Archer, Joshua Archer, Dan Archibald, Yanti Ardi, Carlo Arellano, John Armbruster, Sergio Armendariz, Dave Armstrong, David Armstrong, Kelly Armstrong, Rita Armstrong, Simon Armstrong, Chuck Arnold, Mark Arnold, Neelam Arora, Andrice Arp, Erik Arreaga, Manuel Arreaga, Edward Artinian, Frank Arvizu, Jon Ascher, Kevin Aschman, Monty Ashley, Ronnie Ashlock, Adrian Askarieh, Pete Asmer, Christo Assefi, Brien J. Atangan, Lee Atchison, Attaboy, Derec Aucoin, Augusta, Michael Aushenker, Gilbert Austin, Michael J. Autrey, Travis Avery, Tony Avina, John Avon, Aldrin Aw, Grant Axton, Carlos Ayala, Pete Ayala, Chris Ayers, George Ayoub, Paul Azaceta , Jason Azevedo, Kimbereley Azevedo, Brian Azzarello

Gabriel Ba, Jim Babcock, Craig Babiar, Demetrio Babul R., Jina Bacarr, Samouro Baccam, Darrick Bachman, Brandon Badeaux, John Baez, Richard Bagdazian, Corey J. Baham, Samuel Bahn, Katie Bair, Michael Bair , T. Edward Bak, Bill Baker, Brent Baker, David W. Baker, James Baker, James S. Baker, Kenny Baker, Kyle Baker, Yoni Baker, Adrian Balderrama Rodriguez, Jim Balent, Ben Balistreri, Gira Balistreri, Frank Balkin, Brad Ball, Lee Ballard, Matt Ballesteros, Vernon Ballesteros, Art Baltazar, Chas Balun, Jamie Bamber, Mel Bangasan, Matt Banning, Gigi Bannister, Reggie Bannister, Brenden Bannon, John Barber, David Barclay, Troy Bargatze, Jeff Barkley, Julie A. Barner, Bill Barnes, Mark Barnes, Samm Barnes, Donna Barr, Mike W. Barr, Douglass Barre, Eduardo Barreto, Erin Barrett, Patrick Barrett, Darin Barri, Stephen Barrington, Joshua Barth, Mark Barthold, Craig Bartlett, Heli Bartman, Clark Bartram, Eric Basaldua, Rick Basaldua, Gayle Bass, David Bastian, Tom Bateman, James Bates, Karen Bates, Kemper Bates, Carlos Batts, Derek Bauman, Walter Bauman, Travis Baumann, Grace Bautista, Marcos Bautista, Peterpaul Bautista, Thomas M. Baxa, David Baxter, Scott Beaderstadt, David Beall, Smackey Bean, Greg Bear, Greg Bear, Adrien Beard, Jay Beard, Monique Beatty, Scott Beatty, Bart Beaty, David Michael Beck, Jerry Beck, Robert M. Beck, Christy Beckert, Tony Bedard, Beet, Aaron Behl, Mitchell R. Beiro, Andrew Bell, Blake Bell, Jeffrey Bell, Mary Bellamy, Bennett D. Bellot, Dori Belmont, Aldyth Beltane, Richard Benattar, Brian Bendis, Scott Benefiel, Eric Benitez, Felipa Benitez, George Benitez, Joe Benitez, Joel Benjamin, Merideth Benjamin, Robert Benjamin, Ryan Benjamin, Anina Bennett, Michael V. Bennett, Monica Bennett, Richard Bennett, Erik Benson, Nancy Benson, Paul Benson, Pete Benson, Raymond F. Benson, David M. Benullo, Brian Beppu, Charles Berberian, Rudi Berden, Greg Berg, Cheryl Berganza, Kim Berganza, Matt Berganza, Bob Bergen, Gregg Berger, Howard Berger, Michael Bergman, Stan Berkowitz, Bruce Berman, Howard Berman, Jeffrey Berman, John Berman, Suzanne Berman, Kerri Berney, Larry Berry, Mike Bertino, Jimmy Betancourt, Bill Bettner, Dheil Betz, Robby Bevard, Fershid Bharucha, Dominic Bianchi, Ted (Edward) Biaselli, Adam Bickel, Pj Bickett, Peter Bickford, Don Bies, Jeff Bilger, Rodney Bills, Russell Binder, Steve Bird, Richard Birdsall, Tim Biskup, Garry Black, Marie Black, Luis E. Blackaller, Richard Blackburn, Patrick Blaine, Corey Blake, Nelson Blake, Robert Blancas, Aaron Blecha, Laurel Blechman, Bradley Bleeker, Bret Blevins, Patrick Block, Paula Block, Shelly Block, Blond, Mark Bloodworth, Phil Bloom, Kevin Bloomfield, Geoffrey Blum, Colby Bluth, Tracy Boarder, Greg Boettcher, Craig Boldman, Nouar Boldy, Frank Bolle, Jeff Bond, Alex Boney, Virgo Bong, Chris Bonno, Marylou Bono, Greg Boom, Ian Boothby, Stephen Borasch, Chris Borman, Jay Borman, Kir Bostic, Emily Botica, Malcolm Bourne, Mark Robert Bourne, Kuni Tomita Bowen, Rebecca Bowen, Theresa Bowen, Judy Bowerman, Kim Bowman, Greg Boychuck, Ken Boyer, Chuck Boyles, Dion Bozman, Erin Bozon, Mike Bozulich, Odie Bracy, Paige Braddock, Matthew Bradford, Christian Bradley, Timothy Bradstreet, Matt Brady, Jay Kuya Brandenburg, Jennifer Brandes, Ivan Brandon, F.C. Brandt, Liz Brandt, Nicholas Brandt, Rachel Brandt, Spencer Brandt, Spike Brandt, Julian Brantley, Aaron Brassea, Josh Bratman, Lise Breakey, Enrique Breccia, Bobby Breed, Mitchell Breitweiser, Mitchell Breitweiser, Bonnie J. Bremner, Daniel Brereton, Jason Bretz, Mark Breuner, Jason Brewer, Paget Brewster, Norm Breyfogle, Scott Brick, Brant Bridges, Gabe Bridwell, Johnny A. Briedis, Chris Brindzik, Brett Brinson, Deem Bristow, Matt Britton, Scott Brodeen, Daniele Brolli, James E. Brooks, Steven J. Brooks, Wendy Broome, Nelson Broskey, John Brosnan, Ben Browder, David Glenn Brown, Dawn Brown, Glenn D. Brown, Heather Brown, John D. Brown, Julie Caitlin Brown, Linda Brown, Marcy Brown, Matt Brown, Raymond Brown, Raymond Brown, Ron Brown, Wardell Brown, Eric Browning , Charles Brownstein, Jeff Broz, Roseann Broz, Ed Brubacker, Jason Brubaker, Glen Brunswick, Giulia Brusco, Gil Bruvel, Don Bryan, Eric Bryan, Barrie Bryant, Eric Bryden, James Bryson, Brian Buccellato, Steve Buccellato, Robert Buchanan, Cherie Buchheim, Harold Buchholz, Harold Buchman, Jevon Bue, Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang , Francesca Buller, Jeremy Bullock, Tom Bunk, Christina Burbank, Bob Burden, Roy Burdine, Stephen Burg, Tim Burgard, Bear Burge, Brant Burington, Jason Burke, Andi Burkhard, Andi Burkhard, James Burks, Gerimi Burleigh, Phil Burnett, Robert Burnett, Bill Burns, Breehn Burns, Kevin Burns, Nicholas Burns, Andrew Burrell, Stephanie Burrows, Steve Buscaino, Sal Buscema, Kurt Busiek, Jim Busike, Frank Bustamante, Willis Butcher, Brett Butler, Kent Butterworth, Anna Buyreu, Zane Buzby, Steve Bynoe, Adam Byrne, Sean Byron, Laura Bystrom

Chiara Caballero, Tony Caballero, Robert Payne Cabeen, Philip R. Cable, Ricardo Cachoua, Daryl Cagle, Peg Cagle, Brendan Cahill, James Calafiore, Jennifer Calbi, Angela Calciano, Barry Caldwell, Albert Calleros, Eldridge Calm, Serapio Calm, John Calpin, Juan J. Camacho-Romo, Dan Camp, James Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Eric Campos, Sam Campos, Maritza Campos-Rebolledo, Brian Canary, Moises Moy Cano, Antonio Canobrio, Connie Canseco, Jessica Canseco, Norman Canseco, Brett Cantrell, Michael Caplinger, Nancy Carberry, Philip J. Carbonaro, Jason Cardwell, Reed Cardwell, Mike Carey, Sergio Cariello, Mike Carlin, Jeff Carlisle, Johanna Carlson, Shareena Carlson, Troylan Caro, Christopher Caroc, Cecilia Carpio, Kevin Carr, Albert Carranza, Manuel Carrasco, John Carrillo, Peter Carrillo, Sean Carson, Ted Carson, Michael Cart, Darnell Carter, Mac Carter, Steven Carter, Nick Caruso, Joe Casey, Wayne Cash, Steve Casino, Jason A. Caskey, Yuval Caspi, Mick Cassidy, Anthony D. Castillo, Rex Cataroja, John Cawley, C.B. Cebulski, Felipe Cerdan, Joseph Cernansky, Max Cervantes, Max Cervantes, Tony Cervone, Paul F. Chabot, Jim Chadwick, Paul Chadwick, Chip Chalmers, Kody Chamberlain, Eric Chamberlin, Michael Chamoy, Cedrick Chan, Felix Chan, Freddy Chan, Stephanie Chan, Sze Chan, Tad Chan, Andrew Chang, Bernard Chang, Harry Chang, Hillary W. Chang, Michael Chang, Sandra Chang, Doug Chapin, Chris Chaplin, Cindy Chapman, Shannon Chard, Travis Charest, Peter Charran, Zach Chassler, Janty Chauhan, Matthew Chavis, David Chavoya, Howard Chaykin, Jesse Cheek, Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, Erik Chelstad, David Chen, Marcia Chen, Jennifer Cheng, Crystal Chesney, Jim Cheung, Arthur Chew, Cliff Chiang, Doug Chiang, Eddy Chiang, Jake Chiang, Liz Chiang, Ryan Chiang, Rich Chidlaw, Foo Chin, Joyce Chin, Brian Ching, Joe Chiodo, Grean Chiranakahon, Hugh Chitwood, David Chlystek, Frank Cho, David Choe, Kyndon Choi, Mike Choi, Rosy Chong, Charles Christensen, Ken Christiansen, Keith Christmas, Randall Christopher, Brett W. Chronerberry, Phebe Chronerberry, Courtney Chu, Eric Chu, Randy Chua, Alex Chun, Barry Chung, Scott Ciencin, Chris Cilla, Curtis Cim, Mike Cioni, Jay Cipriani, Frank Cirocco, Anthony Cistaro, Dasha Clancey, Janford Clark, Larry Clark, Melodi Clark, Brian Clarke, Joe Clasen, Mickey Clausen, William Clausen, Dennis Claussen, Tracey Claverie, Sean P. Clavretie, Christian Clayton, Madison Clell, James Clemens, Nate Clesonwich, Caleb Cleveland, Fred Cline, Nate Clowar, Chynna Clugston-Major, James Clyne, Mark Coale, Cary Coatney, Alvin Coats, Casey Coffey, David Cohen, David Cohen, Tom Cohen, Neil Cohn, Scott Cohn, Chad Cole, Tara Cole, Eric Coleman, Jamie Collins, Max Allan Collins, Steve Collins, Taiyler Collins, Sandy Collora, Buckley Collum, Ernie Colon, Debra Colvin, Christopher Combs, Charlie Compuesto, Joe Comstock, Miguel Concepcion, James Conklin, Steve Conley, Walter Conley, Amanda Conner, Jeff Conner, Mark A. Connolly, Amanda Connor, Kevin Conroy, Kevin Conroy, Robert Conte, Claudia Contreras, Osbaldo Contreras, Raul Contreras, Peter M. Coogan, Jon B. Cooke, Eric Cookmeyer, Mark Coon, Daniel Cooney, Coop, Chad Cooper, Chris Cooper, Dave Cooper, Melissa Cooper, Melissa Cooper, Rita Cooper, Colleen Coover, Mary Cordero, Isaac Cordova, Ryan Corey, Luke Cormican, Frank Cormier, Shane Corn, Michael A. Cornejo, J.W. Cornelius, Riki Corredera, Frank Correia, Susan Corrigan, Joe Corroney, Sandra Corsaro, Rick Cortes, Robert Cory, Don Coscarelli, Mauricio Cosio, Carol Costanzo, Erik Courtney, Jason Courtney, Denys Cowan, Denys Cowan, Brian Cox, Ian Cox, Tim Cox, Bill Coyle, Bill Crabtree, Elizabeth Craft, O.C. Craig, Phillip S. Crain, Tristan Crane, Scott Cranford, Duncan Crawford, Michael Crawford, Meloney Crawford Chadwick, Nik Creature, Efrain Crespo, Jake Crippen, Keith Crofford, C. Martin Croker, Clay Croker, Emily Cropper, Samuel Crosbie, Brian Crosby, Donald Crosby, Teri Crosby, Alan Cross, G. Stanton Cruse, Adrian Cruz, Alex Cruz, Edward Cruz, Carlos Jose Cruz-Aguilera, Shawn Crystal, Phaeton Cu Roi, Vincenzo Cucca, Rob Cuenca, Gilbert Cuevas, Adam Culbert, Duke Cullen, Kent Culotta, Bret Culpepper, Allison Cummings, Jim Cummings, Christopher Cundey, Dave Cunningham, Jesse G. Cunningham, Lowell Cunningham, Anthony Cupo, Kevin Curran, Chris Curtin, Shaun Curtis, Todd Curtis, Bernard Custodio, Nicola Cuti, Todd Cutler, Erik Cyree, John Czop

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Davide Fabbri, Jay Faerber, Jeff Faerber, Cheryl Fagan, David Fain, Sarah Fain, Jesse Falcon, Kersten Falk, Randy Falk, Jun Falkenstein, Ryan Falkner, Gloria Fan, Anthony Fanara, John Fang, James Farley, Patrick Farley, Aaron Farmer, Joyce Farmer, Mark Farquhar, Joseph Farrell, Pete Farrell, Cameran Farsley, Ray Fawkes, Cara Fawn, Cheyenne Fawn, Kyle Feeley, Duncan Fegredo, Jennifer Feinberg, Andrew Feinstein, Norman Felchle, Elliot Feldman, Donn Felker, Max S. Fellwalker, Arnie Fenner , Cathy Fenner, Chet Fenster, Gerald-Andre Fenton, Marlene Fenton, Kevin Ferguson, Susan Ferguson, Mitchell Ferm, Sean Fernald, Leandro Fernandez, David Ferrell, Jeff Ferris, Jennifer Ferris, Alison Ferrisi, Joey Ferstl, Joshua Fialkov, Georgette Field, Don Fields, Nancy Figatner, Don Figueroa, Marc Figueroa, Matthew S. Filer, Joe Filice, Dave Filoni, Jenn Finaldi, Christine Finch, Bob Fingerman, Danny Fingeroth, Danny Fingeroth, Robert Fiore, Fabrizio Fiorintino, Steve Firchow, Tom Firestone, Craig Fischer, Jane Fisher, Joshua Fisher, Stephen Fishwick, Sean Fitzgibbon, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Korina Fitzpatrick, Gary Fixler, Karon Flage, Donald Flaherty, Peter Flanagan, William Flanagan, Tim Flattery, Don Flaws, Joseph Fleming, Paul Fletcher, Paul Flett, Jose Flores , Robert Flores, Arnulfo Flores-Munoz, Juan Flores-Valdovinos, John Floyd, Dan Fogel, Teresa Folcarile, Andrew Foley, Selena Folk-Jones, Grace Fontaine, Mike Fontanelli, John Ford, Megan Ford, Tom Ford, Alan Foreman, Matt Fornasiero, Ernest Foronda, Frank Forte, Michele Foschini, Jon Foster, Patrick Foster, William H. Foster, Greg Fountain, Robert Fouts, Tom Fowler , Mara Fox, Melody Fox, Ramona Fradon, Francesco!, Jay Francis, Carl Frank, Caroline Frank, Douglas Frank, Ed Frank, David Franklin, Greg Franklin, Mike Frankovich, Steve Fratt, Manzano Frederic, Roger Frederick, Crispin Freeman, Jeffrey Freeman, Chris Fregien, Keith R. Freiheit, Mike Freiheit, Andre Freitas, Wesley Freitas, Donna French, Jill Freshney, Derek Fridolfs, Andrew Friedman, Brent Friedman, Ellen Friedman, Ron Friedman, Rayel Friesen, Gabe Frimmel, Brian Froud, Toby Froud, Wendy Froud, Marcelo Frusin, Chad Frye, Kristy Fuchs, Dante' Fuget, Saturo Fuji, Tatsuyuki Fujii, Bryan Fuller, Tom Fulp, Kristen Funk, Simon Furman, David Fury

Klaus Gaar, Dana Gabbard, Brian Gabriel, Rob Gaebler, Austin Gage, Christos Gage, Ayn Gailey, Sam Gailey, Bradley J. Gake, Frank Galang, Cliff Galbraith, Chris Galdieri, Kate Galdieri, Kate Galdieri, Bob Gale, Chris Gallagher, Adam Gallardo, Angie Gallegos, Randy Gallegos, Marco M. Galli, Sean Galloway, Tom Galloway, Rey F. Galza, Zach Gambino, Kevin Gamble, Larry Gamboa, Jeff Gan, Jake Garber, Daniel Garcia, Dave Garcia, Ed Garcia, Enrique Garcia, Gil Garcia, Jesse Garcia, John Garcia, Joseph Garcia, Juan F Garcia, Mike Garcia, Robert Garcia, Rodolfo Garcia, Sergio Garcia, Todd Garcia , Jamie R. Gardner, Michelle Garduno, Ricky Garduno, Jose Garibaldi, Geoff Garrett, Kathy Garver, Allison Garwood, Reed Garwood, Patricia Gassman, Roy Gater, Dan Gates, Walter Gatus, Stefano Gaudiano, Zig Gauthier, Natacha Gaymer-Jones, Lyn Gaza, Rick Geary, Curt Geda, Renae Geerlings, Michael Geisler , Grant Geissman, Jeff Gelb, Sari Gennis, Caleb Gerard, Ruben Gerard, Larry Gertz, Danny Gheen, Michael Giaimo, Donato Giancola, Chris Giarrusso, Jon M. Gibson, Roz Gibson, Tristan Gibson, James Gierczak, Keith Giffen, Doug Giffin, Tatiana Gill, Craig Gilmore, Ford Gilmore, Kelly Gilmore, Beverly Gilroy, Henry Gilroy, Che Gilson, Scott M. Gimple, Dana Ginsberg, Tomas Giorello, Stephanie Gladden, George Gladir, Gerry Gladston, Angela Glasby, Jacob Glaser, Kohl Glass, Chris Gleason, Patrick Gleason, Ben Glibert, Shane Glines, Kathleen Glosan, Sean Glumace, Griffin Gmelich, Drew Goddard, Paul Goddard, Perlito Godoy, Brian Goehring, Jun Goeku, David Goetsch, John Goff, Dennis Goggin, Ocean Goh Au Shin, Glen Gold, Steve Gold, Eric Goldberg, Michael Goldberg, Stan Goldberg, Susan Goldberg, Gregg Goldin, Michael Goldman, Steven Goldman, Rick Goldschmidt, Jeff Goldsmith, Edward Goldstein, Gary Goldstein, Greg Goldstein, Grant Goleash, Holly Golightly, Joel Gomez, David Gonzales, Desire Gonzales, Jenny Gonzales, Orlando Gonzales, Paul Gonzales, Rick Gonzales, Jason Gonzalez, Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, Chris Gooboian, Marc Gooboian, Cody Goodfellow, Kelly Goodine, Ian Gooding, Bob Goodman, Joel Goodman, Diana Goodwin, Brendon Goodyear, Tim Goodyear, Daniel Gooobrey, Arnie Gordan, Al Gordon, Geoff Gordon, Kate Gordon, Shane Gordon, Chris Gore, Tim Gore, Victor Gorelick, Trevor Goring, Gary Gorzoch, Raymond Goto, Jeff Gou, Dana Gould, Robert Gould, Robert Gould, Ryan Gould, David Goyer, Greg Grabianski, Matthew Grace, Sina Grace, Maximilian Graenitz, Michael Graessle, Ryan Graff, Chris Graham, James Graham, Jean Graham, Meredith Gran, Steven Grant, William Grant, Ona Grauer, Jennifer Graves, Charles E. Gray, Doug Gray, Justin Gray, Mike Gray, Milton Gray, Roxanne Gray, Susan Gray, Jennifer Graziano, Jareth Grealish, Dan Greaney, John Green, Timothy Green, Mark Greenawalt, Drew Greenbeg, Scott Greenberg, Carl Greenblatt, Eric Greene, Sanford Greene, Dennis Greenhill, Jaq Greenspon, Andre Gregg, Roberta Gregory, Kevin Grevioux, Kip Grey, Glanfranco Grieco, Terrance Griep, Milton Griepp, Joel Griffen, Steven Griffin, Steven Griffin, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, Robert Griggs, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Kris Grimminger, Judy Grindlay, Matt Groening, Allegra Groom, Daerick Gross, Peter Gross, Andy Grossberg, Joseph Grossberg, Steven Guarnaccia, Vincent Guastini, Pia Guerra, Eric Guerrero, Miguel Guerrero, Brad Guigar, Jose Guillen, Frederic Guimont, Paul Guinan, Paul Gulacy, Jackson Gulce, Joakim Gunnarsson, Kevin Gunstone, Roman Gupta, Neil Gustavson, Jennifer Guthrie, Julie Guthrie, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Sergio M. Gutierrez, Peter Gutkowski, Orlando Guzman, Peter Guzman

Steve Haas, Ben Haber, Merrill Hagan, Erin Haggerty, Francisco Haghenbeck, Josh Hagler, Garrick Hagon, David Hahn, Jeremiah Hahn, Scott Hahn, Joe Haidar, Sid Haig, April Haight, James Hakola, Michael Halbleib, Phile Hale, Tricia Hale, Dennis Haley, Matt Haley, Jason Hall, Jeremy Hall, Keith Hall, Robert Hall, Jana Hallford, Neal Hallford, Jakob Hallin, Kim Halsey, Gary Ham, Keith Hamakawa, Barbara Hambly, P.C. Hamerlinck, Aaron Hamill, Mark Hamill, Mark Hamill, Nathan Hamill, Ashlee Hamilton, Rick Hamilton, Kenneth R. Hamlin, Jesse Hamm, Justin Hammond, Iain Hamp, Bo Hampton, Cory Hamscher, Peter Han, Robert Haney, John Hann, Jim Hanna, Ian Hannin, Debbie Hanon, Denise Hanon, Dennis Hanon, Dj Hanon, Robert Hanon, Christina Smudge Hanson, Greg Hanson, Robin Har, Alexander Harari, Gabriel Hardman, Chris Hardwick, Jonathan Hardy, Katy Hargrove, Keith Hargrove, William Harms , Jess Harnell, Hanzel Haro, Joe Harris, Marlan Harris, Gregory Harrison, Kyle Harrison, Linda Harrison, Kenneth Harsha, Maryelizabeth Hart, Maryelizabeth Hart, Butch Hartman, Wesley Hartman, Scott Hartsman, Andy Hartzell, Frankie Hartzell, Janet Harvey, R.C. Harvey, Shawn Harville, Irwin Hasen, Dan Haskett, Dean Haspiel, Mark J. Hasselberger, Kurt Hassler, Ross Hatch, Greg Hatcher, Charles Hatfield, Christian Hatfield, Corinne Hatfield, Michael Hatfield, Nicholas Hatfield, Patrick Hatfield, Scott Hatfield, Beth Hathaway, Bjorn Hauerbach, Lance Haunrogue, Eric Haven, Robert Haverland, Chris Hawkes, Kerri Hawkins, Ken Hayashi, Brian Hayden, Cathy Hayden, Deborah Ann Hayes, Cutter Hays, David Hayter, Chris Hazeltine, Greg Heanue, Robert Heath, Russ Heath, Lorraine Hebard, Shane Heckethorn, David Heckman, Kristi Heckman, David Hedgecock, Dave Hedrick, Seung Hee Yum, John D. Heebink, Andrea Hein, Jonathan Heit, Tracy Held, Andrew Helfer, Tricia Helfer, Kris Heller, Kasey Helms, Terri Helton, Michael Hemmingson, Marc Hempel, Dale Henderickson, Derek Henderson, Jason Henderson, Kari Hendler, Kevin Hendrickson, Rich Henn, Zak Hennessey, Niko Henrichon, Adam Henry, Robert Henry, Rory Hensley, Lisa Henson, Eric Henze, Chris Hepler, Arturo Hernandez, Gabriel Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Jacinto Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Michael A. Hernandez, Omar Hernandez, Trent Hershenson, Paul Hesselgesser, Phillip Hester, Janet Hetherington, Michael Heu, Vinton Heuck, Tony Hewett, Pete Hewitt, Virginia Hey, Teresa Heyerdahl, James W. Hickey, Christopher Hicks, Daren Hicks, Brian Hiedik, Cece Hiedik, Thomas Hiett, Clint Hilinski, Scott F. Hill, Trevor Hill, Joan Hilty, David Hine, Holly Hines, Scott Hinze, Jason Hite, Din Ho, Garrett Ho, Samuel Ho, William Ho, John Hoberg, Rick Hoberg, Brieanne Hockersmith, Jeffrey B. Hodes, Rob Hoegee, James Hoffler, Eric Hoffman, John Hoffman, Jason Hofius, Peter Hogan, Cedric Hohnstadt, Ahmed Hoke, Rolf Holbach, Arthur Holcomb, Grady Holder, Nancy Holder, Brian Holguin, Keith Holkins, Beth Holley, Clint Hollingsworth, Matt Hollingsworth, Don Hollis, Matt Holmberg, Sandrine Holt, John Hom, Phillip Hom, Gene Hong, Seung P. Hong, Sam Hood, Michael L. Hook, Dan Hooker, Akil Hooper, Sandra Hope, Trip Hope, Neil Hopkins, Nalo Hopkinson, Kevin Hopps, Steve Horch, Seiji Horibuchi, Richard M. Horie, Tanya Horie, Greg Horn, Mike Horn, Paul Hornschemeier, Brian Horton, Rantz A. Hoseley, Britain Houchin, Steve Hough, Sean Houghten, Larry Houston, James Howard, Leanne Howard, Zach Howard, Barry Howell, Edward Howie, Randy Hsiao, Jansen Hu, Joan Huang, Jana Hubler, Brian Huckeba, Robby Huckell, John Hudgens, Chrisette Hudlin, Reginald Hudlin, James Hudnall, David Hudnut, Donald C. Hudson, Roy Huerta, Harley Huggins, Ron Hughart, Adam Hughes, Annie Hughes, John C. Hughes, Jonathan Hughes, Matt Hughes, Christy Hui, Darcy Hultgren, Sam Humphries, Zachary Hunchar, Adam Hunrgy, Derek Hunter, Benjamin M. Hunzeker, Elizabeth Hurchalla, Damon Hurd, Ethan Hurd, Waqas Hussain, Jonathan H. Hussey, David Hutchison, Eric Hutchison, Guy Huynh, Angela N. Hyatt, Scott Hyman

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Noah Kadner, Jenette Kahn, Ralis Kahn, Fiona Kai Avery, John Kaiser, Peter Kaitlyn, Mark Kalesniko, John Kalisz, Michael Kaluta, Cliff Kamida, Lincoln Kamm, Zeke Kamm, Hank Kanalz, Julie Kane , Nathan Kane, Dennis Kanenwisher, Haruyo Kanesaku, Win Kang, Patrick Kapera, Annie Kaprelian, Ray Karimoto, Phillip Karlsson, David Karoll, Jonathan Karp, Lance Karutz, K.J. Karvonen, Tery Karvonen, Eric W. A. Kask, Fred O. Kask, Jeff Kaslik, Jeremy Kasten, Bob Kathman, Sue Katowich, Claudia Katz, Diana Kauffman, Hiroshi Kawai, Naoko Kawano, Jeff Keane, Frank Keating, David Kebo, Jim Keegan, Jarret Keene, Karen Keener, Gary Keezle, Tedd Keith, Dov Kelemer, Kay Kellam, Gillian Kelleher, Michael Kelley, Joe Kelly, Kevin Kelly, Michael M. Kelly, Theodore Kemtis, Brett Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, Michael Daedalus Kenny, Gordon Kent, Heather Kenyon, Joseph A. Kerezman, Ian Kerner, Chad Kerychuk, Barbara Kesel, Jonathan Kesselman, F.S. Kessler, Joe Ketterer, Greg Keyes, Amarpal Khanna, Vin Khommarath, Chip Kidd, Tom Kidd, Darryl Kidder, Molly Kiely, David Kilmer, Patrick Kilpatrick, Chuck Kim, Eric Kim, Gang-Won Kim, Ingin Kim, Jae Woo Kim, James Kim, Jisoo Kim, Ken Kim, Minoh Kim, Steve Kim, Taesoo Kim, Lt. Col. Kimi, Kimo, Steve Kindernay, Sarah Kindred, Spencer King, Tom King, Bryan J. Kinnaird, Ryan Kinnairo, John Kipling, Kevin Kipper, Bernard Kira, Aaron Kirby, C.G. Kirby, Chris Kirby, Crystal M. Kirby, Eric Kirby, Jeremy N. Kirby, Juvaun Kirby, Lisa Kirby, Lance Kirianoff, Tim Kirk, Derek Kirk Kim, Rebecca Kirkland, Greg Kirkpatrick, John Kirkpatrick, Brian Kirsten, Alex Kirwan, Douglas Kiser, Louis Kiss, Denis Kitchen, Steve Kiwis, Dana Klaren, Bert Klein, Jennifer Klein, Jonathan Klein, Lou Klein, Scott Klein, Todd Klein, Karena Kliefoth, Jeff Kline, Johan Klingler, Luke Kmanlian, Chris Knight, Christopher Knight, Derek Knight, Diana Knight, Keith Knight, Robert Knotek, Tom Knott, Reggie Knowles, John Knudsen, Ken Knudtsen, Alex Ko, Erik Ko, Kevin Koch, Travis Koch, Gyhan Koehne, Lee Kohse, Ken Kokin, Pinguino Kolb, Scott Kolins, Michael Komai, Bobby Kong, Francis Kong, Sean M. Konot, Anthony Kopczynski, Richard Koslowski, Kim Kotfis, Tommy Kovac, Daniel Krall, Ken Kramer, Alan I. Kravit, Christopher A. Kreidel, Joseph Krejci, Jeff Krelitz, Earl Kress, Steve Kriozere, Dan Kroon, George Krstic, Jim Krueger, Karl Krumpholz, Bridgitte Krupke, Brandon Kruse, Jason Kruse, Min S. Ku, Adam Kubert, Janice Kubo, Joseph Kuhr, Erin Kullerd, Steve Kurth, Gary Kurtz, Robert Kurtzman, Kirk Kushin, Elizabeth Kushman, Braedon Kuts, Joe Kwong, Craig Kyle

Jean-Mark Lofficier, Edward Lacabanne, Brandon Lacava, Don Lacy, Leticia Lacy, Fredd Ladd, Wade Lageose, Ayelet Lahav, Ray Lai, Aron Laikin, Mark Laine, Dat Lam, Helena Lam, Hunger Lam, Kenzie Lamar, Maurice Lamarche, Sanjeev Lamba, Gabriel Lamberty, Jeremy Lambros, Robert S. Lamorgese, Robert Lance, David Land, Greg Land, Jeff Lane, Kevin Laneave, Brady Lang, Christianna Lang, Harry Lang, Robert Langer, Jerry Langford, Jenya Lano, Clarence Lansang, Serge Lapointe, Jake Lapsys, Sandra Lara, Michael Lark, Erik Larsen, Batton Lash, Kimberly Lashbrook, Marty Lasick, Lance Laspina, David A. Lathrap, Bruce Lau, Paul Lau, Rebecca Lau, Tim Laubach, Tony Laudati, Emily Laurens, Ed Lauter, Spencer Lavdiero, Rick Law, Katherine Lawrence, Judd Lawson, Eric Layton, Brett Jay Lazarus, Ben Lazzaro, Michael Lazzo, Kim Le, Tuan Le, David Lea, Garry Leach, Andrew Leal, Dante Leandado, James Leary, William Lebeda, Alvin Lee, Art Lee, Ben Lee, Cecilia Lee, Chong Suk Lee, Freddie Lee, Jason Lee, Jaxon Lee, Joseph Lee, Kenneth Lee, Min Lee, Patrick Lee, Paul Lee, Paul Lee, Regina Lee, Seung Lee, Shingly Lee, Solomon Lee, Stan Lee, Steve Lee, Steward Lee, Susie Lee, Taik Lee, Vic Lee, Young Lee, Mark R. Leins, Steven Lekowicz, Ron Lemen, Cesar Lemus, Martin Lendahls, Peter M. Lenkov, Bruno Leone, Chris Leone, Evan Leong, Nancy Lesmini, Stephanie Lesniak, Josh Lesnick, Patrick Leung, Philip Levens, Thunder Levin, Jason Levine, Michael Levine, Sam Levine, Greg Levitan, Stevan Levy, Isaac Lew, Eric Lewald, Patric Lewandowski, Kate Lewine, Brandon Lewis, Brett Lewis, Jon Lewis, Mark Lewis, Russell Lichter, Christopher Liebe, Larry Lieber, Arthur Lieberman, Bill Liebowitz, Amy Light-Karlsson, Kat Likkel, Kenneth Lillie, Mike Lilly, Katy Lim, Ron Lim, Iyari Limon, Christine Lin, Dan Lin, Justin Lin, Sophia Lin, Pat Linden, Mark Lindsay, T.J. Lindsey, Elliot Ling, Shaun Linsao, Benkemoun Lise, Randy Littlejohn, Anthony Liu, Derek Liu, Lanny Liu, Livesay, Bob Lizarraga, Wayne Lo, Larry Loc, Locke, Joey Locke, Rob Lodes, Richard Loesch, James Lomax, Francis Lombard, Dirk Loncaster, Andrew Long, Thomas Long, Tim Long, Philip Longmeier, Adalberto Lopez, Artie Lopez, Jose Lopez, Aaron Lopresti, Matthew Lorentz, Harrison Lorenzana, Kathleen Lorraine, Steve Loter, Sam Lotfi, Arvin Loudermilk, John Louie, Jeremy Love, Mike Lovins, Michael Lovitz, Conan Low, Johnny Lowe, Tasha Lowe-Newsome, Darion Lowenstein, Steve Lowrey, Michael Loya, Marco Loza Sandoval, Jia Lu, Todd Luallen, Gia Manh Luc, Jim Lucas, John Lucas, Shannon Lucier, Michael Ludy, Robert Luedke, Edward Luena, Robert Lugibihl, Abraham Lugo, Fred Lui, Steve Lukas, Clare Lukasik, Jo Luna, Victor Lundin, Binh Luong, Peter Luong, Marco Lupoi, John Lustig, Tom Luth, Brandon Luyen, Hong Ly, Robert Lyle, Alan Lynch, Thomas Lynch, Tim Lynch,

Brian Ma, Jerry Ma, Jimmy Ma, Rich Ma, Jerry Macaluso, Rare E. Macapayag, Michael Macasero, Heidi Macdonald, Michael Macfarlane, Mike Macfarlane, Daniel E. Macgibbon, Axel Machain, Dj Machale, David Macho, Arron Mack, David Mack, Sharon Mack, John Mackey, Cliff Macmillan, Don Macpherson, John Mader, Jeremy Madl, Chrital Magana, Pat Magee, Patrick Magee, Dominic Mah, Gustave Mahe, Erin Maher, Lauren Maher, Annie Mahlik, Anne Mahoney, Matt Maiellaro, Brian Mainolfi, Derek Maki, Faruk Malek-Asghar, Matthew Malkiewicz, Dennis Mallonee, Michael Mallory, William Mallory, Tom Malmin, Takahiko Mamiya, Tec Manaac, Francis Manapul, Chris Mancini, Bill Mancuso, Susannah Mandel, Eugene Mandelcorn, Andy Mangels, Richard Manginsay, Richard G. Manginsay, John Mangor, Jonathan Mankuta, Joey Manley, Brian Mann, Kelsey Mann, Marvin Perry Mann, Aurora Manning, Michael Manning, Bob Mannion, Robert Mannion, Corey Manuel, Dawn Manwaring, Michael Manzel, Jose Luis Manzur, Mel Marcelo, David Marchand, Bradley Marcus, Jack Marcus, Mauro Maressa, Marvin Mariano, Kathleen Marinaccio, Christopher Marino, Jeff Mariotte, Rozella M. Markee, Barbara Marker, Jay Marks, Don Markstein, Chip Marler, Steve Marmel, Fabian Marquez, Gregory Marquez, Ian Marsden, Douglas Marshall, Gary Marshall, Dorinda Marticorena, Dan Martin, David Martin, Earl Martin, Gary Martin, Howard Martin, Jennifer Martin, Justin R. Martin, Marcos Martin, Perry Martin, Timothy Martin, Alitha Martinez, Allen Martinez, Angi Martinez, Billy Martinez, Ed Martinez, Irving Martinez, Jerry Martinez, Marcelo M. Martinez, Mitchell J.P. Martinez, Randy Martinez, Rhonda Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Steven Martinez, Ewa Martinoff, Mckenna Marvin, Lawrence Marvit, Christy Marx, Ron Marz, Osamu Maseba, Yutaka Maseba, Kevin Mason, Matt Mason, Thomas Mason, Ace Masters, Chase Masterson, Christopher Masterton, Bill Matheny, Mark Matheny, John Mathot, Jeff Matsuda, Brett Matthews, Kim Mattison, Alain Matz, Richard Maurizio, Bill Maus, Fred Mausser, Shane Maves, Peter Max, Daryl Maxwell, Matthew C. Maxwell, Mark May, Richard Mayberry, Lawrence Mayfield, Peter Mayhew, Gonzalo Mayo, Henry Mayo, Michael D. Mayo, Randy Mayor, H. Eric Cornboy Mayse, Julie Mazman, Victoria Mc Collum, Tyson Mcadoo, Scot Mcafee, Jerry Mcaffee, Mike Mcavennie, Eric Mcavoy, David Mcbride, David Mcbride, Joseph Mccabe, Dave Mccaig, Michael Mccalister, Hank Mccann, Jesse Mccann, Amanda Mccarter, Kevin Mccarthy, Mike Mccarty, Cherilyn Mccarver, Teel Mcclanahan, Mike Mcclone, Bruce Mccorkindale, Mark Mccorkle, Liam Mccormack-Sharp, Doug Mccoy, Jason Mccoy, Mark Crash Mccreery, Laurenn Mccubbin, Walter Mcdaniel, David Mcdermott, Kenn Mcdonald, Patrick Mcdonnell, Terrence Mcdonnell, Dwayne Mcduffie, Greg Mcelhatton, Aaron Mcfarland, Kim Mcfarland, Ron Mcfee, Deb Mcgarry, Steve Mcgarry, Betsy Mcgowen, Carol Mcgreal, Pat Mcgreal, Aaron Mcgruder, Holly Mcguffee, Chris Mchugh, Paul Mcinnes, John Mcintyre, Dave Mckean, Sean Mckeever, Shadow W. Mckenna, Derrick Mckenzie, Brandon Mckinney, Sean Mckinney, Allie Mcknight, John Mcknight, Mike Mckone, Lydia Mclane, Jim Mclauchin, Thomas Mclaughin, Michael Mclaughlin, Shaun Mclaughlin, Kevin Mcmahon, Kevin Mcmahon, Kevin Mcmahon, Gavin Mcmillan, Mark Mcnabb, Kelsey Mcnair, Tom Mcnamara, Darrell Big D Mcneil, Steve Mcniven, Steven Mcphail, James Mcquade, Brian Mcquery, Chuck Mcsorley, Karen Mctier, Maureen Mctigue, Alec Mcturk, Tom Mcweeney, Joel Meadows, Angel Medina, Rich Medley, Rick Medlin, Jim Meechan, Tom Meigs, Todd Meister, Everett Melby, Steven Melching, Joanne Mell, Michael Mellavia, Zach Mellion, Marina Melson, Sky Meltzer, Carlos Mendez, Christopher Mendocino, Sarah Mensinga, Brian Menze, Jeff Merghart, Steve Merghart, Mark Merlino, Aaron Merrell, Dave Merrell, Andy Merrill, Katie Merritt, Peter Merryman, Adam Messano, Dr. Damien Metz, Fred Meyer, Ken Meyer, Joshua Meyers, Maryann Meyers, Ric Meyers, Stacy Meyn, Dan Meziere, Serge Michaels, Robert Mickelson, John T. Mickevich, Matt Micone, Dallas Middaugh, Joshua Middleton, Yoseph Middleton, Darren Miguez, Mike Mika, Danny Miki, Roy Miles, Ralph Miley, Matt Milla, Ashley Edward Miller, Bob Miller, Brian Miller, Brian Miller, Craig Miller, David Miller, Derek Miller, Greg Miller, Harris M. Miller, Jim Miller, Kenny Miller, Kurt Miller, Mike Miller, Sean Miller, Tim Miller, Tim Miller, Carol Millican, Scott Mills, Scott Mills, Miss Mindy, Lani Minella, Adam Miner, R.J. Mino, Tom Minton, Molly Minus, Mark Miraglia, Rob Miranda, Norm Mireles, Alok Mishra, Bill Mitchel, Corey Mitchel, Andrew Mitchell, Betsy Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, Bret Mixon, Reginald Mizell, Jon Moberly, Matthew Mocarski, Lee Moder, Amir Modirzadeh, Rebecca Moesta, Tayopa Mogilner, Andy Mokler, David Molina, Karl Moline, Caleb Monroe, Gary W. Montalbano, Marcello Monteiro De Carvalho, Samuel Montes, Rc Montesquieu, Susan Montford, Lauren Montgomery, Orne Montgomery, Rhode Montijo, Julian Montoya, Fabio Moon, Melody Mooney, Sam Mooney, B. Moore, Craige Moore, Jim Moore, Michael Moore, Mike Moore, Monte M. Moore, Rich Moore, Richard Moore, Ronald Moore, Sean K. Moore, Stuart Moore, Travis Moore, Jim Moorhead, Antonio Mora-Abalos, Skip Morairty, Darci Morales, Hugo Morales, Rags Morales, Ray Morales, Richard Morales, Voque Moran, Brian Morante, Ray Morelli, Jeanette Moreno, Bernardo Moreno Galindo, Dana Moreshead, Chris Morgan, Marcie Morgan, Patrick Morgan, Yoshitomo Moriwaki, Derak Morrell, Rowena A. Morrill, Brad Morris, David M. Morris, Jonathan Morris, Nathan Morris, Phil Morris, Steve Morris, Brian Morriscoe, Bill Morrison, Grant Morrison, Robbie Morrison, Adam Mortimer, Stacy Moscatelli, Adrian R. Mosco, Ray Mosco, Melissa Moser, Joe Moshier, Francis Moss, Miq Mott, Mostafa Moussa, Chris Mowry, Jeffrey Moy, Philip Moy, Vincent Moy, Paul Moya, Brian Moyer, Matt Moylan, Michael Mucci, Dan Mueller, Karin Muhs, Brian D. Muir, Shannon Muir, Bob Muleady, Jennifer Mullen, Patricia Mulvihill, Nick Munford, Kevin Munroe, Steffan Muntsinger, Glen Murakami, Don Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Nora Murphy, Ryan C. Murphy, Scott Murphy, Doug Murray, Melissa Musante, Anthony Musiala, Jon J Muth, Jason Myers, Mark Myers, Randy Myers, Joe Myles, Leland Myrick

Marc Nadel, Aki Naito, Ron Najor, David Nakayama, Shiho Nakaza, Dan Nakrosis, Jim Napoleon, Mark Narmore, Constantine Nasr, Todd Nauck, Vicente Navarrete, Daniel Navarro, Kenn Navarro, Larry Navarro, Victor Navone, Dan Neary, Clydene Nee, Damon Nee, Thomas J Nee, Rod Neely-Recuero, Jahil Nelson, John Nelson, Marvin G. Nelson, Louise Nemschoff, Gil Netter, Jason Netter, Ed Neumier, Casey Newberry, Justin Newberry, Paul Newberry, David Newbold, Toby Newell, Jason Newhouse, Amy L. Newman, Lamarr Newsome, Richard Newsome, Brett Newton, Pam Newton, Todd Newton, Chuong Ngo, Mercedes Ngoh, Dustin Nguyen, Eric Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, John Nguyen, Tao Nguyen, Viet Nguyen, Katie Nice, Jamar Nicholas, Nichelle Nichols, Travis Nichols, Michael Nickoloff, Julia Nickson, Ashley-Jayne Nicolaus, Ciro Nieli, Cynthia Nielsen, Trevor Nielson, Ricky Nierva, Nicholas Night, Johnny Nihilis, Jai Nitz, Tim Niver, Christine Nockels, Cedric Nocon, Yoshiko Noda, Mart Nodell, Charles Nohai, Joe Nolan, Ted Nomura, Justin Norman, Christine Norrie, Daran Norris, Paul Norris, Patrik Norrman, Patrik Norrman, Zeke Norton, Phillip Norwood, Kip Noschese, Stephen Notley, Philip Noto, Jerry Novick, Phyllis Novin, Charlie Novinskie, Ben Nunez, John S. Nunnemacher, Nutopia, , , , , , , , , , , Paul O' Connor, Mark O Hare, Kevin O' Neill, James O'barr, Michael O'brien, Richard Obrien, Renee O'connor, John O'day, Gerald O'hara, Damon O'keefe, Brian O'neal, Dan O'neil, Linda O'neil, Rod Oriley, Brian O'toole, Bill Oakley, Nollan Obena, Fausto Ochoa, Ryan Odagawa, Bill Odenkirk, Steve Oedekerk, Michael Oeming, Brian Ofcacek, Kensuke Okabayashi, Mark Jiro Okui, Iliana Olazaba, Victor Olazaba, David Olbrich, Devin Olden, Phil Oldham, Jay Oliva, Joyce Oller, Edward Olmos, Eric Olsen, Ed Olson, Joshua Olson, Geoffrey M. Ong, Kei Onishi, Eiji Onobu, Asako Onodera, Lisa Onomoto, Santosh Oommen, Glen Orbik, Steve Orlando, Susan Orlofsky, Joseph Orrantia, Jean Orrico, Joshua Ortega, Axel Ortiz, Juan C. Ortiz, Phil Ortiz, Rob Osborne, Glen Osterberger, Patton Oswalt, Renato Otagan, Jennifer Otenti, Robert Otey, John Ott, Kyle Ott, Thomas Ovenshire, Nancie Overpack, Brandi Owen, Steve Owen, Gary Owens, Ira Owens, Patrick Owsley, Michael Oxley, Mary Oyaya

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Dan Uebel, Scott S. Uehara, Bryan Uhlenbrock, John D. Uhrich, Chris Ulm, Rod Underhill, Michael Underwood, Tim Underwood, Bill Ung, Chris Ungar, Chris Ure, Patricia Urias, Ursulina, Michael Uslan, Edwin Uyan

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I actually had forgotten about the Eisner Awards. It's the comic-Book industries equivolent of the academy awards.

2003 Eisner Awards Nominees
(for 2002 publications)

Best Short Story
"Between Two Worlds: The Strange and Sad Story of Erich Wolfgang Korngold," by P. Craig Russell, in Comics Journal Summer Special 2002 (Fantagraphics)
"Green Tea," by J. Sheridan LeFanu, adapted by Kevin Huizenga, in Orchid (Sparkplug)
"The Magician and the Snake," by Katie Mignola and Mike Mignola, in Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings (Dark Horse)
"Untitled" (first story in book) by Jason, in Sshhhh! (Fantagraphics)
"Telekinetic," by Tomer Hanuka, in Bipolar #3 (Alternative Comics)

Best Single Issue or One-Shot
The Castaways, by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo (Absence of Ink)
Fleep, by Jason Shiga (Sparkplug)
My Friend Dahmer, by Derf (Derfcity Comics)
My Uncle Jeff, by Damon Hurd and Pedro Camello (Origin)
The Stuff of Dreams, by Kim Deitch (Fantagraphics)

Best Serialized Story
Daredevil #32-37: "Out," by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Marvel)
Fables #1-5: "Legends in Exile," by Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, and Steve Leialoha (Vertigo/DC)
Finder #25-29: "Dream Sequence," by Carla Speed McNeil (Lightspeed Press)
Incredible Hulk #34-39: "Return of the Monster," by Bruce Jones, John Romita, Jr., and Tom Palmer (Marvel)
Queen & Country #8-12: "Operation: Crystal Ball." by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez (Oni)

Best Continuing Series
Age of Bronze, by Eric Shanower (Image)
Daredevil, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Marvel)
Fables, by Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, and Steve Leialoha (Vertigo/DC)
Louis Riel, by Chester Brown (Drawn & Quarterly)
Strangers in Paradise, by Terry Moore (Abstract Studio)
True Story, Swear to God, by Tom Beland (Clib's Boy Comics)

Best Limited Series
Courtney Crumrin & the Night Things, by Ted Naifeh (Oni)
Hellboy: Third Wish, by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse)
League of Extraordinary Gentleman, vol. 2, by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill (ABC)

Best New Series
Fables, by Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, and Steve Leialoha (Vertigo/DC)
Forlorn Funnies, by Paul Hornscheimeier (Absence of Ink)
Gotham Central, by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark (DC)
Nowhere Girl, by Justine Shaw (nowheregirl.com)
Y: The Last Man. by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, and Jose Marzan (Vertigo/DC)

Best Title for a Younger Audience
Amelia Rules!, by Jimmy Gownley (Renaissance)
Growing Up Enchanted, by Jack Briglio and Alex Szewczuk (Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics)
Herobear and the Kid, by Mike Kunkel (Astonish Comics)
Pinky & Stinky, by James Kochalka (Top Shelf)
Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age, by Raymond Briggs (Knopf)
Wind in the Willows, vol. 4, by Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Michel Plessix (NBM)

Best Humor Publication
The Amazing Screw-On Head, by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse)
Dork, by Evan Dorkin (SLG)
Fred the Clown, by Roger Langridge (Hotel Fred Press)
The House at Maakies Corner, by Tony Millionaire (Fantagraphics)
The Pro, by Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti (Image)
Zippy Annual 2002, by Bill Griffith (Fantagraphics)

Best Anthology
Orchid, edited by Ben Catmull and Dylan Williams (Sparkplug)
Rosetta: A Comics Anthology, edited by Ng Suat Tong (Alternative)
SPX 2002 (CBLDF)
Super Manga Blast, edited by Tim Ervin-Gore (Dark Horse)

Best Graphic AlbumNew
Epileptic, vol. 1, by David B. (L'Association)
Garlands of Moonlight, by Jai Sen and Rizky Wasisto Edi (Shoto Press)
One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda Barry (Sasquatch Books)
Pulpatoon Pilgrimage, by Joel Priddy (AdHouse Books)
The Yellow Jar, by Patrick Atangan (NBM)

Best Graphic AlbumReprint
After the Snooter, by Eddie Campbell (Eddie Campbell Books)
Batman: Black and White, vol. 2, edited by Mark Chiarello and Nick J. Napolitano (DC)
Beg the Question, by Bob Fingerman (Fantagraphics)
Bone: Treasure Hunters (Complete Bone Adventures, vol. Cool, by Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Kim Deitch (Pantheon)
Fair Weather, by Joe Matt (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Archival Collection/Project
The Complete Crumb Comics, vol. 16, by R. Crumb (Fantagraphics)
Enemy Ace Archives, vol. 1, by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert (DC)
Hysteria in Remission: The Comix and Drawings of Robert Williams, edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)
Krazy & Ignatz, by George Herriman (Fantagraphics)
Sugar and Spike #1, by Sheldon Mayer (DC)

Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material
Dead End, by Thomas Ott (Fantagraphics)
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Jerry Kramsky and Lorenzo Mattotti (NBM)
Epileptic, vol. 1, by David B. (L'Association)
Invisible Frontier, vol. 1, by Benoit Peeters and Francois Schuiten (NBM)
Sshhhh!, by Jason (Fantagraphics)
Uzumaki, vols. 2-3, by Junji Ito (Viz)

Best Writer
Brian Michael Bendis, Powers (Image); Alias, Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel)
Ed Brubaker, Catwoman, Detective Comics, Gotham Central (DC)
Bruce Jones, Incredible Hulk (Marvel)
Greg Rucka, Queen & Country (Oni) Gotham Central, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (DC)
Bill Willingham, Fables (Vertigo/DC)

Best Writer/Artist
Jessica Abel, La Perdida (Fantagraphics)
Patrick Antangan, The Yellow Jar (NBM)
Lynda Barry, One! Hundred! Demons! (Sasquatch Books)
Carla Speed McNeil, Finder (Lightspeed Press)
Eric Shanower, Age of Bronze (Image)

Best Writer/ArtistHumor
Kim Deitch, Stuff of Dreams (Fantagraphics)
Derf (John Beckderf), Trashed: True Tales from the Back of a Garbage Truck (SLG)
Roger Langridge, Fred the Clown (Hotel Fred Press)
Tony Millionaire, House at Maakies Corner (Fantagraphics)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team
Seth Fisher, Vertigo Pop: Tokyo (Vertigo/DC); The Flash: Time Flies (DC)
Bryan Hitch/Andrew Currie, The Ultimates (Marvel)
Michael Lark, Batman: Nine Lives; Gotham Central (DC)
Kevin O'Neill, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (ABC)
J. H. Williams III/Mick Gray, Promethea (ABC)

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art)
Eric Drooker, Blood Song (Harcourt)
David Mack, Kabuki: The Ghost Play (Image)
Lorenzo Mattotti, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (NBM)
George Pratt, Wolverine Netsuke (Marvel)

Best Coloring
Jeromy Cox, Promethea (ABC); Leave It to Chance (Image)
Matt Hollingsworth, Alias, Daredevil (Marvel); The Filth #13 (Vertigo/DC); Batman: Nine Lives, Catwoman, Catwoman: Selina's Big Score (DC)
Paul Hornschemeier, Forlorn Funnies (Absence of Ink)
Laura DePuy Martin, Ruse (CrossGen)
Patricia Mulvihill, Gotham Girls, Wonder Woman (DC); 100 Bullets, Hellblazer Special: Lady Constantine (Vertigo/DC)
Dave Stewart, Hellboy: Third Wish, The Amazing Screw-on Head (Dark Horse) Star Wars: Empire (Dark Horse); Human Target: Final Cut, Doom Patrol (Vertigo/DC); Tom Strong (ABC); Captain America (Marvel)

Best Lettering
Todd Klein, Dark Knight Strikes Again, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (DC); Fables, Human Target: Final Cut (Vertigo/DC); Promethea, Tom Strong (ABC); Castle Waiting (Olio)
Richard Starkings/Comicraft, Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Batman, Legion, The Power Company, Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman (DC); The Crusades, Hunter: The Age of Magic, Lucifer, Vertigo Pop: Tokyo (Vertigo/DC); Wildcats version 3.0 (WildStorm); Decoy, Victorian (Penny Farthing); Hip Flask: Unnatural Selection (Comicraft)
John Workman, Batman Family, Detective Comics, Orion, Superman: Day of Doom (DC);100% (Vertigo/DC)

Best Cover Artist
Kaare Andrews, Incredible Hulk (Marvel)
Adam Hughes, Wonder Woman (DC)
Dave Johnson, Detective Comics (DC), 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC)
Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise (Abstract Studio)
J. H. Williams III, Promethea (ABC)

Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition
Richard Hahn, Lumakick (Lumakick Studio)
Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple, Fade From Blue (Second 2 Some Studios)
Tyler Page, Stylish Vittles (Dementian Comics)
Justine Shaw, Nowhere Girl (nowheregirl.com)
Jason Shiga, Fleep (Absence of Ink)

Best Comics-Related Publication (Periodical or Book)
B. Krigstein, vol. 1, by Greg Sadowski (Fantagraphics)
Comic Art, edited by M. Todd Hignite (Comic Art)
Curt Swan: A Life in Comics, by Eddie Zeno (Vanguard)
The Imp #4, edited by Dan Raeburn (Daniel K. Raeburn)
Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution, 19631975, by Patrick Rosenkranz (Fantagraphics)
Tintin: The Complete Companion, by M. Farr (Last Gasp)

Best Publication Design
Batman: Nine Lives, designed by Amie Brockway-Metcalf (DC)
Beg the Question, designed by Bob Fingerman (Fantagraphics)
Gary Gianni's Corpus Monstrum, designed by Jim Keegan (Hieronymous Press)
House at Maakies Corner, designed by Chip Kidd (Fantagraphics)
One! Hundred! Demons!, designed by Lynda Barry (Sasquatch Books)

Hall of Fame
Judges' Choices:
Bernard Krigstein

Voters will select four from the following:
Otto Binder
Johnny Craig
Reed Crandall
Jack Davis
Will Elder
Al Feldstein
Ramona Fradon
Ren Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
Floyd Gottfredson
Robert Kanigher
Jerry Robinson
John Severin
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Here are some of the programming events which are to take place, please note that these are not even close to half of the events that will occur even in one day. There is always something happening at the comic con.

The 25th Anniversary of the Graphic Novel: One of the big discussions among comics fans and scholars is where and when the graphic novel began. Many experts point to the publication of Will Eisners A Contract with God in 1978 was a watershed moment, if not the actual birth of the format. Since then long-form comics stories have become a staple of both comic book and mainstream bookstores, with the format gaining more and more favor on the shelves of major bookstores. With the father of the graphic novel, Will Eisner, in attendance, well celebrate the 25th anniversary of Contract and much more.

Elfquest 25th Anniversary: The year 1978 saw the birth of fan-favorite Elfquest. Comic-Con celebrates that groundbreaking fantasy series with special guests Wendy and Richard Pini. Still going stong and with renewed interest by recently signing with DC, Elfquest continues to be one of comics enduring success stories.

Vertigo 10th Anniversary: Ten years ago, DC Comics changed the face of the comics medium forever with the formation of the Vertigo imprint. Such books as Sandman, Preacher, and the new hit Y, The Last Man have brought mature, thoughtful, and oftentimes provocative subject matter to the comic-reading audience and gathered many new readers into the fold. The graphic novel collections of these series have become popular staples in mainstream bookstores. Our special guests celebrating this anniversary include writers Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, and artist Dave McKean. You can expect major coverage of Vertigo at this years event.

Strangers in Paradise 10th Anniversary: Terry Moores popular duo Francine and Katchoo are still going strong in the pages of his self-published Strangers in Paradise. Comic-Con helps Terry and all his fans celebrate the 10th birthday of this popular series.

Bongo Comics 10th Anniversary: Its the home of some of your favorite cartoon characters in comic book form. Were talking, of course, about Matt Groenings The Simpsons, Futurama, and Radioactive Man. Some of the most popular comics in the world come out of Bongo each month, and Comic-Con celebrates the 10th anniversary of this crossover (TV and comics) giant.

Programming Highlights
In 2003 you can once again count on many programs centered on the top publishers in the comics industry, including DC Comics, Dark Horse, and Image, showcasing their best and brightest, along with news about upcoming projects. Comic-Con proudly attracts the biggest assembly of comic book talent each and every year. Writers, pencillers, inkers, cartoonists, letterers, colorists, editors, and publishers all flock to San Diego, and attendees are the beneficiaries of having so much incredible talent, in the Exhibit Hall and in programs, in one building over four days.

Comic-Con will continue its longstanding efforts to delve into the history of comics, with panels devoted to special guests and the vast, rich tapestry that makes up comics in America and around the world. Mark Evanier will be back moderating numerous panels, most of them geared toward comics history. Mark will also bring back the fan-favorite "Quick Draw! Cartoon Improv" panel that was a huge hit last year.

Comic-Con will again play host to the Comic Arts Conference (CAC), the nations leading gathering of scholars talking about comics in an academic forum. This year, the CAC will move to a more spacious room to accommodate the ever-growing number of fans who show up for their presentations. In addition, attorney Michael Lovitz will join forces with Comic-Con once again to present his popular "Comic Book Law School" panels.

The National Cartoonists Society returns to Comic-Con, too. Last year, the NCS had a stellar group of some of your favorite newspaper comic strip creators, and theyre gearing up to make another big splash at Comic-Con in 2003.

Hollywood South
You just know that there'll be countless surprises when it comes to major movie previews and stars at Comic-Con 2003. Last year special surprise last-minute guests included Ben Affleck, Elijah Wood, James Cameron, and the big guy himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. You just never know whose going to turn up, and this year will be no exception.

The Comic-Con staff is currently dealing with in incredible number of Hollywood studios who want to offer sneak peeks and previews of some of the most hotly awaited movies of late 2003 and 2004. Comic-Cons proximity to Hollywood and the dedication of its attendees (thats you) makes the show the perfect launching pad for some of the best movie-oriented programming in the world. Most movie-oriented programming will be held in the huge Ballroom 20 in the new section of the San Diego Convention Center. This luxurious room, which seats close to 4,500 people, features state-of-the-art equipment and four giant viewing screens. Like last year's Ballroom 20 audience, youll be the first fans in the world to see advance scenes and be treated to special appearances by stars and filmmakers.You'll find all the information of these major events right here as we get closer to Comic-Con!

Comic-Con is also pleased to be working once again with Lucasfilm, continuing a nearly 28-year tradition of premiering the best in Star Warsoriented programs. And while this may be an "off" year for new SW films, Lucasfilm still promises a few surprises. You can count on Friday being Star Wars Day, with a celebration of the incredible popularity of the franchise. Join Lucasfilm's head of fan relations, Steve Sansweet, and a galaxy of guests to get the latest report on Star Wars: Episode III: "What's up Down Under" as production proceeds. As for what to do until 2005 . . . The Clone Wars are upon us, in an TV animated series, comics, novels, video games, toys, and online. Find out all about it from the people most involved. Lots of treats, some surprises, and a chance to ask probing questions. Plus Star Wars fans rejoice as the Star Wars Fan Film Awards comes to Comic-Con as a major Thursday night event. Click here for more information!

CCI-IFF Returns!
One of the biggest hits of last years Comic-Con was the premiere of the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. Growing out of the "Film Fest Friday" experiment of 2001, the (affectionately named and mercifully abbreviated) CCI-IFF garnered significant interest and attendance in its maiden voyage. Focusing primarily on genre-related (comics, animation, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure) films, this fan-based festival (which is not juried and doesnt award prizes) continues to grow in 2003, with an incredible number of entries already received. One of the best parts of the CCI-IFF is the interaction between filmmakers and the audience. Each film is booked into a timeslot that includes Q&A with the actual filmmakers, cast members, and crews. Look for another fun-filled weekend with some of the finest fan filmmakers around!

Animated Conversations
Each year Comic-Con features a veritable plethora of animation-oriented programs. You can expect the usual visits from the folks behind The Simpsons and Futurama. Plus Cartoon Network will be in the house and so will Nickelodeon. Look for many panels dedicated to the wonderful world of animation at Comic-Con 2003!

Kids R Us
Following what has become a tradition, Sunday will be Kids Day. This popular theme showcases the best in programming for the wee folk in all of us. Comic-Con is working with some of the top names in childrens entertainment to offer some sneak peeks and fun events for the youngsters. Comic-Con International is your family-friendly comics show!
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