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Date: Wednesday, December 04 @ 18:11:08 EST
Topic: Etc.

Straight from the Tumblr:


Hello Toonami Faithful!

Last year, our little Xmas gift to you all was our SUPERNOVA MEGAMIX, which a bunch of you enjoyed/downloaded. THIS year, we’ve been inundated with requests for an IGPX megamix. For those of you who’ve been asking, good news! SKULL ISLAND (DJ Clarknova and Brent Busby) are making you a special 70 (or so) minute megamix of our favorite IGPX tracks, along with outtakes, quotes from the show and some appearances froM TOM and Sara. We’ll put it up for a free download right here on this tumblr on Xmas day.

The reason we’re telling you guys about it NOW, is because we want YOU to make a cover for it! From now through Dec 22nd, feel free to send your designs for the cover of THE ICHI MEGAMIX to this tumblr! The winner will get one of those sweet T-shirts we’re giving away all month, and our undying gratitude.

See you on Race Day! (or Xmas, heh)

Love, The Toonami Crew.

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