I needed a poll, and this site had one.
Date: Thursday, August 28 @ 21:04:56 EDT
Topic: Soapbox

I have a bunch of higher quality openings to add, and I'd very much like to do dual-langauge files if possible.
I can do them much like the Tenchi Muyo OVA Series 2 file, which is a .zip archive that includes one copy of the video, and a separate audio track for each language. Which ever language file you choose will just add the video on top of the chosen audio track.

...or, I can make them totally separate files much like Tenchi Universe (although that example doesn't work. Doing that will DOUBLE the download time if you want to see both versions, but you don't need to unzip them (not really that inconvenient).

Choose wisely. Either unzip more, or download more. I'm voting for the former.

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