Toonami Programming Highlights from TCA Presentation
Date: Saturday, July 15 @ 01:37:37 EDT
Topic: Schedules

Animation Insider posted information regarding Cartoon Network's announcement of their programming highlights for original and acquired animated television series' throughout the fall and winter months. The announcement was made at the annual Television Critics Association earlier today. Animated programming announced included everything from the animated feature Hellboy: Sword of Storms to the new series Class of 3000 from Andre Benjamin. Cartoon Network has more plans to boost interest in Toonami programming as well, with more action movie premieres and the Friday's programming block looks to capitalize on the immense success of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with the premiere of the movie: Foster's: Good Wilt Hunting.

The Toonami Fall Highlights announced were the premieres of Ultimate Avengers 2 on October 21st at 9:30 PM (E/P) and Hellboy: Sword of Storms the following weekend, October 28th, also at 9:30 PM.

Plot synopsis for Hellboy: When a university professor opens a forbidden scroll, he is possessed by the twin demons of thunder and lightning who seek to return to our world to wake their brothers, the dragons. Hellboy, along with two researchers and an albino psychic, travels to Japan to investigate. There he finds the sword of storms, the only weapon that can defeat the demons, and is transported to a world where he encounters several creatures of Japanese folklore.

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