Toonami UK Adds Four Series
Date: Friday, November 07 @ 00:36:11 EST
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For most of its first two months the new Toonami network in the UK consisted of less shows than there are hours in the day. To add some variety to the line-up they have begun to did into the vaults. Recently added to the network are:

The Pirates of Dark Water
Swat Kats
The Mask
Ripping Friends

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[Source: HellCat of Toon Zone's TICA Toonami Message Board]

The Pirates of Dark Water - "The alien world of Mer is being devoured by Dark Water. Only Ren, a young prince, can stop it, by finding the lost Thirteen Treasures of Rule. At his side is an unlikely but loyal crew of misfits; at his back, the evil pirate lord Bloth, who would stop at nothing to get the Treasures for himself."

[Source: Andorus's Pirates of Dark Water Page]

Swat Kats - This show is about two humanoid cats (called "kats") who fly around in a jet (the Turbokat) and fight supervillains. Also featured in the series are a police/military force called the Enforcers, headed by Commander Feral, and a gutsy Deputy Mayor, Callico Briggs.

[Source: strike's sk zone]

The Mask - This animated series is based on the blockbuster hit by New Line Cinema. When nice-guy Stanley Lipkiss dons his powerful mask, he explodes with looney cartoon powers.

[Source: Cartoon Network Latin America]

Ripping Friends - The Ripping Friends are the manliest men in the world. Their mission: to "rip" anything that stands in the way of freedom. Through training and sheer force of will, Crag, Rip, Slag and Chunk have built their strengths to extraordinary proportions. They are the most powerful crime fighters in the universe.

[Source: Adult Swim]

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