Q&A Roundup: June 2013
Date: Sunday, June 30 @ 21:07:47 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

Toonami had their monthly Tumblr Q&A today. Here are some notable responses (compiled by BrianLeague at Toon Zone):

- The return of Clydes is possible.
- Sym-Bionic Titan did fine in ratings. It's only leaving the lineup because they felt that it was ready for a break.
- Eureka Seven will leave the lineup after it finishes its run. They're losing the rights.
- They won't be skipping any filler arcs.
- Sword Art Online is premiering at 2 AM because the first two hours of the block are stable and therefore bring in better ratings. However, if Sword Art Online does really well, it can be moved up.
- They want to see how Attack on Titan closes out before they consider it for Toonami. Same question was asked by someone else. (One reason is because of people complaining about the ending of Sword Art Online.)
- Apparently, Aniplex USA made an offer that they "couldn't refuse" for Sword Art Online.
- Whatever show starts off the block will have its full opening aired.
- The Toonami crew still is working for free.
- More paid events might be happening, like the one with Oblivion.
- It took about 6 months to make the designs for TOM 5, SARA, and the new Absolution.
- They're going to try to bring more Western animation to the block.
- Megas XLR will not be returning.
- IGPX was the hardest show to acquire. (They had to do a lot of convincing.)
- They're premiering Sword Art Online in July because they had a slot opened up earlier.
- There are no plans to do anymore collaborative albums like Deep Space Bass.
- Ratings are the main factor in deciding the lineup, but they also look at the "flow" of it.
- Jason DeMarco might be considering an IGPX mixtape.
- They started One Piece from episode 207 because the show was in HD and they felt like new fans could get into the show without being lost.
- Cowboy Bebop is the best show to ever grace Toonami.
- They're not sure what will happen with Bleach once it finishes its run.
- It was Mike Lazzo, head of Adult Swim, and Kim Manning, head of AS programming that decided to air Toonami on April Fools last year.
- Thundercats is expiring because it was created with partners at Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network doesn't own the rights to the characters.
- They're not concerned about the (spoiler redacted) subplot in Sword Art Online.
- IGPX will be getting a second run.
- Adult Swim helped fund both seasons of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, but did not "produce" the show. (This explains why they have perpetual rights to it.)
- No plans for expansion.
- The rights to Naruto Shippuden are still unavailable.
- Rerunning the newer acquisitions means they can't run another show.

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