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Date: Saturday, May 30 @ 18:55:19 EDT
Topic: Acquisition Info

Announced today at MomoCon 2015:

-SENTAI FILMWORKS JOINS TOONAMI! Akame ga Kill joins the block later this year!

-Michiko & Hatchin replaces Inuyasha: The Final Act.

-An official Toonami app is being released later this year.

-The Intruder 2 premieres in October and will last roughly 5 weeks. They showed a preview clip, but unfortunately, there were sound problems, so we couldn't hear any of the clips the Toonami crew showed. (They'll hopefully show them online later.)

EDIT: They fixed the sound problems in the clips. Go watch the panel, which will loop over and over...

UPDATE: Get the clips now at TDA!

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