Toonami Relaunches Today
Date: Saturday, April 17 @ 01:13:16 EDT
Topic: Soapbox

We've been reporting about the upcoming changes for awhile, but now the day has arrived. 7.0 PM tonight Toonami relaunches with a new look, new shows and a new focus. Considering those three factors, there may not have been a better time in recent Toonami history to introduce new viewers to the block. Now is the time to inform everyone you know, especially those in the teen demographic. The best way to convince Cartoon Network that Toonami's new focus can work is encourage those in the target demographic to watch.

The effort to get the get the word out and hype our favorite block is occuring across the fandom. TylerL will be working hard to upload all of tonight's new material at Toonami: Digital Arsenal. The TICA Toonami Forum has changed its look for the first time to mark the occasion. Toon Zone has a story on the premiere of Gundam SEED. The X Bridge and Toonami: Absolution Next will likely have updates as well.

Toonami is about to herald the beginning of a new age. TICA is pulling out all the stops. Now it is just up to you to watch and help spread the word. Witness the rebirth of a legend, tonight. For the schedule and tonight's highlights click "Read More"

The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Along with Toonami's own relaunch this evening we will see the debut of the latest Gundam series out of Japan, Gundam SEED. Tonight also features the Toonami debut of Jackie Chan Adventures, the return of Duel Masters to the block and the television premiere of Bionicle: Mask of Light. Finally, while Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball GT may be repeats, they are both leading into new episodes in early May.

Saturday, April 17th - All Times Eastern

7.0 PM - Duel Masters - "Wok on the Wild Side"
7.5 PM - Toonami In-Flight Movie - "Bionicle: Mask of Light"
9.0 PM - Jackie Chan Adventures - "The Dark Hand"
9.5 PM - Yu Yu Hakusho - "Overcoming Grief"
10.0 PM - Dragonball GT - "The Fall of the Saiyans"
10.5 PM - Gundam SEED - "False Peace"

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