Don't like comedy? Have a nicer lineup!
Date: Thursday, December 06 @ 18:12:41 EST
Topic: Schedules

Starting December 15, straight from the Tumblr:

"So Tenchi Muyo GXP wasn’t performing like we would have liked. We still want to keep it on the air, but we’re sliding it a little later. Sorry GXP fans, hopefully you can still watch. Good news is a lot of other shows will be earlier. Thanks again for watching everybody. Hope you like the new line-up!

12a - Bleach - rerun
12:30a - Naruto - Uncut
1:00a  - Thundercats
1:30a - Samurai 7
2:00a - Sym-Bionic Titan
2:30a - Eureka 7
3:00a - Tenchi Muyo GXP
3:30a - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
4-5a - Cowboy Bebop
5-6a - Inuyasha"

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