Christopher Reeve: RIP 1952-2004
Date: Monday, October 11 @ 02:59:23 EDT
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USA Today reports the sad passing away yesterday of Christopher Reeve, who portrayed the Man of Steel in four movies from 1978 to 1987. In the casting coup of the century Reeve was chosen among 200 potential actors for the part of the mythical and heroic Superman and seemed to personify in his acting of the part all of the noble and good qualities that people imagined Superman to have. It was clear that this was more than just a case of another actor getting another part in another movie as his performance has inspired millions to believe that honor and dignity and nobility can still exist in this world. Paralyzed from the neck down in a May 1995 equestrian accident he strove valiantly to still live life to its fullest and even began to make miraculous progress in overcoming the debilitating effects of his paralysis. He will be sorely missed.

Source: Animated News and Nobu

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