Date: Thursday, March 31 @ 22:36:51 EST
Topic: Soapbox

Ed Note: If you are gullible, feel free to believe the following story:

It seems Viz has plans for Naruto outside Toonami.

An anonymous source has provided some information about the production of Naruto's dub. It turns out they're looking to give Naruto as wide an audience as possible, including airing it on multiple blocks on Cartoon Network and eventually in syndication after Cartoon Network's contract expires.
Unfortunately, this means heavy cuts and plot changes to meet the "lowest common denominator".

Naruto and his friends still make their way through ninja school, but will emphasize peaceful resolutions to problems they encounter.

A screen grab was leaked to us by the same contributor of an edit early on in the series. In the original Japanese version, Naruto stabbed his hand in an effort to show his seriousness about an upcoming mission. In the Americanized/edited version, Naruto is shown angry about his mother's choice of lunch.

Original Naruto Frame.
Leaked edited frame.

No announcements have been made, but are expected within the next few weeks.

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