Transformers: Energon Synospis? (RUMOR)
Date: Monday, September 01 @ 21:28:25 EDT
Topic: Etc.

Take this with a packet of salt, if you can handle msg.

Transformers Energon will be coming to Toonami next year. We know that. It's also been widely acknowledged that it is a sequel to Armada, set ten years in the future, with Rad and Alexis shacking up (Well, ignore the last part).

Here's where the rumors begin. The Decepticons form an alliance with Unicron (Who will be a big part at the end of Armada), becoming more powerful. The Autobots on the other hand are running out of energy; they must conserve and combine whatever fuel they have left. New factions of Autobots, Omnicons, and Decepticons, Terrorcons, show up, designed to handle Energon, with the ability to make weapons from it.

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