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  Toonami Highlights: 11/29/02
Posted on Friday, November 29 @ 07:19:40 EST by Meteo

Toonami News As with most, but not all, Fridays, it's time for more new episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "Transformers Armada." These will be the 13th episodes of each series. Toonami has a brand new "Dragonball" as well. For the full schedule click Read More.

Toonami: Friday November 29, 2002

All Times Eastern

4.0 PM Dragonball - Yesterday's episode.
4.5 PM Dragonball Z - Yesterday's episode.
5.0 PM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "Night of the Shadowbeasts" New!
5.5 PM Transformers Armada "Swoop" New! 6.0 PM Dragonball "Goku vs. Sky Dragon" New!
6.5 PM Dragonball Z "Super Saiyan 3?!" - Season 6

Don't forget - He-Man marathon tomorrow!

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