The times, they are a-changin'.
Date: Tuesday, February 25 @ 14:15:56 EST
Topic: Schedules

Well, here's an announcement I wasn't expecting...

This Saturday will be the final night we see Inuyasha on the block (Adult Swim is losing the rights early) and Sym-Bionic Titan makes a return.

Here's the new lineup starting March 8:

11.5PM - Space Dandy
12.0AM - Bleach
12.5AM - Naruto: Shippuden
1.0AM - One Piece
1.5AM - Blue Exorcist
(Daylight Savings skips an hour)
3.0AM - Soul Eater
3.5AM - Naruto
4.0AM - Samurai Jack
4.5AM - IGPX
5.0AM - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5.5AM - Sym-Bionic Titan

FMA: Brotherhood and GitS:SAC will be back on the lineup on March 15, as regularly scheduled.

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