May 1st Schedule Revealed
Date: Wednesday, April 14 @ 23:34:24 EDT
Topic: Schedules

We knew April, we knew most of May, but now the gap has been filled with the May 1st schedule becoming available. The big event for that day is the hour-long launch of Cartoon Network's newest series Megas XLR. Due to this, Yu Yu Hakusho will have the week off. However, we will also see the debut of Dragonball GT Season 2 and another new Gundam SEED episode. Finally, the night's movie will be Samurai Jack: The Trilogy. To see the full schedule click "Read More"

May 1st

7.0 PM - Duel Masters - "???"
7.5 PM - Toonami In-Flight Movie - "Samurai Jack: The Trilogy"
9.0 PM - Megas XLR - "Test Drive"
9.5 PM - Megas XLR - "Battle Royal: Most Dangerous Game"
10.0 PM - Dragonball GT - "Collapse From Within"
10.5 PM - Gundam SEED - "Collapsing Land"

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