Gundam Seed sequel????
Date: Sunday, June 27 @ 00:52:38 EDT
Topic: Release Info


Ever since last year there's been rumors of an on again off again sequel to SEED. Now, there's what seems to be some definite confirmation of something. Gundam Watch poster darkhunger has discovered that Sunrise has registered and in this thread.
If you recall, nearly two years ago to the day it was uncovered that Sunrise registered Very soon after, the series was announced and the site went live. Going by the pattern from two years ago, it's very possible we could be seeing Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny this fall. Of course, the registration of the domain could be a red herring similar to the many names game companies register to throw people off. However, Bandai doesn't have any prior history in using such deceptive tactics, so this could be the real deal.
We'll see soon enough.

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