Genndy Leaves Cartoon Network For Lucasfilm?
Date: Wednesday, November 05 @ 13:01:00 EST
Topic: Acquisition Info

Quoted from Animation Blast
This could be big news. I've yet to confirm this story, and there is a chance it could be completely UNTRUE, but a reliable source informs me that SAMURAI JACK and DEXTER'S LAB creator Genndy Tartakovsky is leaving (has left?) Cartoon Network and is joining the new division of Lucasfilm specializing in animated features called Lucasfilm Animation. Genndy, of course, is also the director/producer of Cartoon Network's highly touted forthcoming STAR WARS: CLONE WARS mini-series (produced at Cartoon Network Studios and not Lucasfilm). Once again, I must stress that this is UNconfirmed and only hearsay at this moment, but if anybody can validate or refute this claim, drop me a line at amid& (replace & with @).

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