Q&A Roundup: July 2013
Date: Wednesday, July 31 @ 16:58:12 EDT
Topic: Toonami News

Toonami just had their monthly Q&A today on Tumblr. Before we get to the highlights, a couple of announcements:

-Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the CGI series, not the Genndy series) will replace Eureka 7.
-Movie time is back once again! Evangelion 2.22 premieres on August 31!

Okay, now for the highlights (thanks again to BrianLeague for compiling these on Toon Zone):

- They're looking at Eureka Seven: AO.
- It's unlikely that Sword Art Online will be moved up, unless it’s ratings grow so large it makes sense to put it in front of one of the earlier shows.
- The Toonami staff are happy with the ratings, but it's not enough to warrant an expansion.
- They're looking at replacements for Soul Eater and Sword Art Online.
- It's unlikely they'll be doing a promo for the final episode of Eureka Seven, like they did with Samurai 7.
- They might get remastered tapes for Cowboy Bebop.
- They said that Eureka Seven did "just fine" in ratings.
- Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, and Gundam Wing are Toonami's most successful shows ever.
- It's unlikely they'll be acquiring Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars is practically free for them to air, like Sym-Bionic Titan and Thundercats.
- They have plans to show more of the Absolution.
- They won't be skipping any episodes of Naruto.
- New schedule will be announced in a week or two.

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