What the heck is a bonzini?
Date: Monday, June 09 @ 11:41:43 EDT
Topic: Etc.

I ran into this as I was gonna work on the schedules (Sorry, sorry, had a Heroclix tourney yesterday)...

Toonami and 7-UP are having a contest for a custom "bonzini foosball" table and a Toonami-labeled bag. 2 people get the foosball table and bag, while 100 people will get a bag.

I implore you... DO NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST. I want that bag. I don't need the foosball table, I just want that bag. Tyler can't enter, as he already has a Toonami-labeled jacket. I hate him.

Oh, hey, if I win the bag, I'll get around to scanning the Moltar parts of those Toonami comics I have...

Source: Toonami's 7-Up Contest

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