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Dragonball GT

This series just blows the entire Dragonball series out of proportion. For example: Frieza could destroy a planet (and he does) if he put some effort into it. Since a Super Saiyan is stronger than Frieza then it stands to reason that a Super Saiyan could destroy a planet if he wanted to.

Now in GT we have Super Saiyan 4, which I'm assuming is many times more powerful than a regular Super Saiyan. So when Super Saiyan 4 Goku does a 10x Kamehameha Wave or some other attack that he "dumps all his energy into" and it does jack then it just doesn't add up.

The power levels have just become too astronomical and the writers wound up scaling them back. You'd think a Super Saiyan 4 would be powerful enough to destory a planet with a flick of his wrist. Add to this that the other Z fighters can't do jack and it's always up to Goku to save the day. Same old, same old.

Added: September 3rd 2004
Reviewer: Beefy
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  Dragonball GT
Posted by anthonyfiddy2 on 2014-06-09 03:38:15
My Score:

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  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-31 16:18:44
My Score:

None of you know anything. Read my GT review to see how a real reviewer... reviews!!

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-14 18:11:29
My Score:

You people need to watch more DBZ. None of you got anything right, and are pulling crap out of your... rear-end!!

  Dragonball GT
Posted by kemicals on 2005-08-05 00:18:18
My Score:

it sucked ass and thats all

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-04 23:58:33
My Score:

i agree with what this dude says but the other guys in dragon ball do something in the show they act as batteries for goku.i know that goku is the star of show but the thing i loved about dbz is that goku wasn't the saviour of the at all times and that the other guys were sometimes,some of my fav dbz esp are when gohan saved the day.besides we all know that gt was all about the money and not about the fans, fans that watched the show over the even when cartoonnetwork used to show same esp over and over again

  Dragonball GT
Posted by just on 2005-07-26 11:35:29
My Score:

GT is annoying and confusing.

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-07 20:18:09
My Score:

in order of 1-3 1 being the best 1.dragon ball z 2.dragon ball 3.dragon ball gt(it just ruins the dragon ball trilogy

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-13 05:48:04
My Score:

DBGT Annoys me. First off: Saiyajin Hair - In DBZ, Vegeta said that Full blooded Saiya-jins hairstyle never changes. But, in GT, his hairstyle changes somewhat, and he grows a mustache. Second: Mystic Gohan - In DBZ, Dia Kaioshin releases Gohan's hidden power making him Mystic. The power-up gave him the power of 5 million points higher than Super Saiya-jin 3 level - without having to change into a Super Saiya-jin. The huge power is dangerous and if he were to go Super Saiya-jin while in Mystic mode he would destroy Earth, and probably the universe. But, in GT, the first thing Gohan does and transform into a Super Saiya-jin. Bye-bye Birdie. Third: Shadow dragons - In DBZ, Dende became Kami of the Earth. One of the things he did create new dragon balls and revive Shenron. But in GT, the shadow dragons were created through wishes made in Dragon Ball and early DBZ. Shouldn’t some of these wishes be void and most of the dragons not exist?

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-09 21:32:07
My Score:

3 words.. piece of crap

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-25 17:23:25
My Score:

GT just does not live up to the Dragonball name. Unlike the previous two series it is boring and bland. If you have just seen GT then please do not think that is what the Dragonball franchise is like.

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Beefy on 2005-01-06 20:32:01
My Score:

I did not post this review in here. In fact it was supposed to only be my opinion of the series and not a review.

But since it's here I'll just say that GT is a sliver of the quality of DB and DBZ. Akira Toriyama knew when to quit, but Toei didn't.

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-11-15 12:18:20
My Score:

If there was a 0 thats what i'd give you all these people are saying that they dislike different cartoons, but you don't see them making any better ones. I think that if your going to bad-mouth something you need to be able to back it up. anonymous

  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-08 22:48:42
My Score:


  Dragonball GT
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-10-04 16:56:13
My Score:

dradonball gt is cool

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