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  ''.hack//SIGN'' Joins Super Saturday; Update on Potential Saturday Night Block
Posted on Thursday, January 16 @ 09:52:25 EST by Meteo

Toonami News February 1st, ".hack//SIGN" will join Toonami Super Saturday airing in place of 3.0 PM "G Gundam" episode. According to the current Cartoon Network schedule it will air in that slot through the end of February. On March 1st, what has been thought to possibly be a Saturday night Toonami block has been given a face lift. It now features new episodes of some shows and a few other surprising changes. To see the changes to the Toonami schedule through March 1st, click Read More. For the latest Toonami schedule information check out the Cartoon Network Schedule online.

All Times Eastern

Toonami - Starting January 20th
4.0 PM Zoids: Chaotic Century
4.5 PM G Gundam
5.0 PM Dragonball - New Time
5.5 PM Dragonball Z - New Time
6.0 PM Batman Beyond - Returning Show!
6.5 PM Transformers Armada - New Episodes!

Toonami Super Saturday - Starting February 1st
1.0 PM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
1.5 PM Transformers Armada
2.0 PM Dragonball Z
2.5 PM Dragonball
3.0 PM .hack//SIGN New Show!
3.5 PM G Gundam

Toonami - February 24th - 28th
4.0 PM Giant Robot Week
5.0 PM Dragonball
5.5 PM Dragonball Z
6.0 PM Batman Beyond
6.5 PM Transformers Armada

March 1st - It is unknown at this point whether any of these will air under the Toonami banner. However, considering the inclusion of new episodes, this looks like the most likely schedule yet for a Saturday night block.

12.0 PM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "Turnabout"
12.5 PM Transformers Armada "Reinforcement"

7.0 PM Max Steel - No episode title listed
7.5 PM Dragonball "We are the Five Warriors"
8.0 PM He-Man "Roboto Gambit" - New Episode!
8.5 PM Zoids Zero "Laon Returns: Anti-Gravity Catastrophe!"
9.0 PM Transformers Armada "Detection" - New Episode!
9.5 PM G Gundam "The Final Battle Approaches, Only 3 Days Away"
10.0 PM Justice League "The Brave and the Bold"
11.0 PM Batman Beyond "Earth Mover"
11.5 PM Superman "Fun and Games"
12.0 AM .hack//SIGN "Captured" - New episode!
12.5 AM Gundam 0080 "How Many Miles to the Battlefield?"
1.0 AM G.I. Joe "Satellite Down"

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Re: ''.hack//SIGN'' Joins Super Saturday; Update on Potential Saturday Night Block (Score: 1)
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