In Soviet Russia, Toonami brings Asia to you! (Oh, wait...)
Date: Friday, November 29 @ 23:46:39 EST
Topic: Toonami News

It's been a year since Toonami debuted its network in several Asian countries (although ironically not Japan). Rather than have the standard TOM and Absolution setting, the Asian version of Toonami has its own continuity featuring a character named Nami (not the One Piece character). You can check out their YouTube channel to get a taste of what it's like overseas.

Well, the separation between these two versions of Toonami could be ending soon. Toonami Faithful reports:

Glenn Bartlett, the man in charge of Toonami Asia, told us that Nami exists in the same universe as TOM so we hope one day TOM & SARA can meet Nami.


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