Dragonball Z is a go but no porn for you!
Date: Thursday, October 14 @ 19:59:37 EDT
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Adult film star Asia Carrera has posted on her site that she was offered and had to reject a role in an upcoming adaption of Dragon Ball Z. She told the producer "thank you for asking, but I'm 4 months pregnant and getting fatter every day!"

So the Live Action Dragonball Z is on again but little else is known about the production.

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Wahhh!! I hate having to turn down cool mainstream work offers because I'm too fat to go out and play!! There's this extremely popular Japanese anime series called "Dragonball Z", and you can see at this site that there's all this speculation on whether they're ever going to make a live-action movie of the series. Well I can tell you the answer is "yes", because the producers just contacted me about being in it. Don't ask me who they wanted me to play, because the conversation didn't get that far - I just told them "thank you for asking, but I'm 4 months pregnant and getting fatter every day!". And then I went off to sulk, because it would have been really cool to see myself up on the big screen again like when I was in "The Big Lebowski". Sulk. Sulk. Sulk. Oh, a lot of fans have been getting all upset because I'm not posting any pregnant pics of myself, and they're bombarding me with emails begging for some preggo-Asia pics. Patience, patience! Right now I'm only four months, and I'm at that awkward stage where I just look like a chubby buddha instead of like a basketball smuggler. In other words I look suspiciously FAT, instead of glowingly pregnant. In a couple of months when it's more obvious that I'm a radiant mommy-to-be and not just a gluttonous Twinkie-eater I will have Donny take some pics of me, 'kay? 'Kay! Oh, and place your bets on what sex you think the baby is now, 'cause Oct 12 I go in for my ultrasound, and Donny wants to know the sex of the baby then. So we won't be waiting til the delivery to find out after all. (I bet he used to peek at his presents before Xmas morning, too! LOL!!) But that's OK, it'll be easier to decorate the nursery and buy lots of cute baby clothes ahead of time when we know the sex anyway. (FWIW, I think it's a girl, and Don thinks it's a boy. With my luck it'll be a hermaphrodite! DOH!! LOL!!)

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