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  Episode titles for Teen Titans Season 5 Revealed?
Posted on Monday, September 12 @ 10:40:44 EDT by Nobuyuki

Toonami News Titansgo.net reportedly has titles for 8 of the 13 new Teen Titans episodes set to premiere this fall, with additional plot information for 6 of the 8.

(Click "Read More" for titles and plots, as reported by them)

- 501/502 - "Homecoming" (Parts 1 & 2): it was recently reported by Comics Continuum that Season Five opens with a two-parter featuring Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol (Mento, Elasti-girl, Robotman, Negative Man). We've been told that "Homecoming" will be the title for both these parts.

- 503 - "Trust"

- 504 - "For Real": revealed by IMDB way back in March to feature a new villain named Le Blanc (based off French thief Le Blanc of the 1960s Teen Titans series), Control Freak, Titans East, and Silkie.

- 505 - "Snowblind": reported by Animation Insider to introduce Red Star, a new Titan who hails from Russia. Red Star dates back to the 1960s Teen Titans series, and wields power he received from a mysterious alien craft that crash-landed in his country.

- 506 - "Kole": we've been told that this episode features (well, clearly) new Titan Kole. As hinted at during San Diego Comic-Con, expect her to be accompanied by Gnarrk, another new Titan. Both Kole and Gnarrk hail from classic Teen Titans stories: In the comics, Kole's ability to form crystalline objects from thin air resulted from her parents' experiments, which her father ran in order to bestow humankind with a way to resist nuclear devastation. Kole eventually died during the DC Universe crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths", in which other classic DC characters met their demise (most notably the first Supergirl). Gnarrk was a regular prehistoric caveman who was accidentally transported to the Titans' present time. He became close to a psychic Titan named Lilith (who he ended up marrying), and eventually learned how to live among civilized society with help from the team. Sounds crazy, we know. We can't wait to see these two either.

- 507 - "Hide and Seek"

- 508 - "Lightspeed": we reported way back in May that "Lightspeed" will introduce the much anticipated Kid Flash, a Titan gifted with super-speed. Kid Flash was one of the original "Fab Five" from the 1960s series and co-founded the first Teen Titans team. We had word that "it should be very obvious which Kid Flash it is, much more so than Robin". So for this Kid Flash's identity, tune in when "Lightspeed" airs.

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