Rave Wars: Clone Masters?!
Date: Monday, May 10 @ 21:06:48 EDT
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There are two chunks for you to chew on.

The first is about Rave Master.
Cartoon Network premieres it's latest anime series Rave Master on Saturday June 5 at 8.5p. The series, with its musical theme, follows Haru Glory and is joined by Plue and Elie. Haru travels around the musically themed world collecting Rave Stones, which he will need to save the world from the dreaded Shadow Guard.

The second involves as you might have guessed... Star Wars.
The Star Wars mega-fansite TheForce.Net reports that Paul Rudish (CN's art director) revealed that there is some consideration being given to a third season of the Clone Wars micro-series.

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Cartoon Network's Art Director, Paul Rudish was recently interviewed by Star Wars en Direct during one of their radio shows. Here's what he had to say about the possibility of another season of the Clone Wars cartoon.

SWD: Is there any chance that a third season of Clone Wars will be made?

PAUL RUDISH: There are talks happening between the powers that be, and what happens, I don't know yet because I'm farther down the ladder.

SWD: Is there time to do one more season before EP3?

PAUL RUDISH: Well that's just it, they better decide soon...

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