Toonami February Schedule to Arrive Two Weeks Early
Date: Tuesday, January 07 @ 01:50:40 EST

As previous reported the Toonami schedule will be changing soon. Now however, it will be changing very soon. On January 20th "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" rotates off the block to make way for the return of "Batman Beyond." Toonami will also begin airing at least two weeks of new "Transformers Armada" episodes the same day. The Super Saturday schedule remains the same except for ".hack//sign" airing 3.0 PM Feburary 1st. For the latest Toonami schedule information check out the online Cartoon Network schedule. Click Read More for all the new time slots.

Toonami - Starting January 20th (All Times Eastern)

4.0 PM - Zoids: Chaotic Century
4.5 PM - G Gundam
5.0 PM - Dragonball - New Time!
5.5 PM - Dragonball Z - New Time!
6.0 PM - Batman Beyond - Returning Show!
6.5 PM - Transformers Armada - New Episodes!

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