Georgia, we have a problem...
Date: Thursday, March 27 @ 00:23:30 EDT
Topic: Etc.

This is a piece of news that has nothing to do with Toonami itself, but could still impact the block in a big way.

Twitter is removing hashtags.

Trending shows on Toonami helps count towards ratings and getting the word out. Heck, it was Twitter trending that brought Toonami back in the first place.

This is only on the rumor mill at the moment, but evidence is slowly presenting itself (the article currently shows proof of its @ replies disappearing). Toonami Faithful, through its podcast and recent trending rundowns, have noted that keywords are popping up without the hashtag. This could be a problem in the future. Trending could become trickier, or even nonexistent, depending on what Twitter intends to do with that feature of their website.

Further developments may be forthcoming.

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